Are Australian water dragons solitary?

Are Australian water dragons solitary?

Australian water dragons are from the family Agamidae, the family of dragon or iguanian lizards, and they are the solitary member of the Intellagama genus. …

How old does an Australian water dragon get?

So, you have to regularly observe the actions of lizards along with maintaining the temperature and other things. Australian Water Dragons are omnivorous which eats almost anything. These have the captivity life up to 20 years while reaching sexual maturity around 4 to 5 years of age.

What are the physical features of an Australian water dragon?

The Australian water dragon has many physical features that reflect its lifestyle. For climbing, the lizard uses its long and powerful legs. Each leg has lengthy toes and sharp claws as well to grab onto trees and other structures. For swimming, the water dragon uses its muscular tail.

What should I Feed my Australian water dragon?

This prevents the risk of your lizard suffering from metabolic bone disease, which is quite common in many reptiles. Since Australian Water Dragons also like to feed on vegetation because of their omnivorous tendencies, you can leave a constant supply of shredded greens like collards in their enclosure.

How big does an Australian water dragon enclosure need to be?

You’ll also need to make sure the size of the enclosure is rather large. At the very least, we recommend keeping a single Australian water dragon in an enclosure that’s 48 inches long, 24 inches deep, and about 36 inches wide. If possible, bump up the length of the enclosure to about 60 inches.

Where can I find a water dragon in Australia?

Australia’s largest Dragon style lizard is the eastern water Dragon – Miles may grow to a metre long though 80 cm of this is tail… Loving water they are found only on Australia’s east coast the rest of Australia being too dry. They are found as far north as Townsville right down to the very bottom of Victoria.

Is the Australian water dragon an aggressive lizard?

The Australian Water Dragon, Physignathus lesueurii, is generally not an aggressive lizard to maintain in captivity; however like all large Agamids they are capable of inflicting a severe bite when agitated. They can also use tail whips as a way to discourage unwanted attention when cornered.

What’s the life expectancy of an Australian water dragon?

They can live in tall trees or rest at the bottom of a riverbed to escape predators! In captivity, however, these lizards are just fine in the safety of a well-maintained enclosure. The average Australian water dragon lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. But obviously, there’s never a guarantee when it comes to life expectancy.

How can I Keep my Australian water dragon happy?

You have to regularly maintain the feed ratio and temperature in the enclosure along with humidity to keep the Australian water dragon happy. The unmatched conditions can irritate and bad effect on the lizards and sometimes they become aggressive.

Can you keep Australian water dragons together?

In general, it’s best to keep Australian water dragons on their own. You can house males and females together, but they will often breed and raise your lizard population!

Do Water Dragons get lonely?

Housing the Chinese Water Dragon Unless you know your dragons are accurately sexed, you may be better off with just one, although it may be lonely. A male and female pair will likely get along, while two males and even two females may display aggression unless given lots of space in a very large enclosure.