Are there any other sites to sell things like eBay?

Fortunately, there are dozens of eBay alternatives out there that allow you to sell everything from used books to furniture. Some are generic websites, allowing you to buy and sell a multitude of different products. And others cater to more specific products, like DVDs or clothing.

Are there any other sites like Craigslist to sell things?

However, with the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, there are now dozens of other (better) sites like Craigslist to choose from to list the stuff you want to sell, or to buy the things you want or need. Here are the top 27 of the most popular alternatives to Craigslist you might find helpful for buying or selling things or services.

Which is the best site to buy and sell online?

These sites are listed in order of my favorite sites to buy and sell online that are very similar Craigslist. Right now Offer Up is my favorite, but the Facebook Marketplace is also a very quick and easy way to sell your items as well.

What’s the difference between cross selling and upselling?

Upselling and cross-selling are cousins of well, selling. Buy a cow from me and I’ll offer you a better one for 50 bucks more: the better cow is an upsell. Buy a cow from me and I’ll throw in a haystack for 5 bucks: the haystack is a cross sell.

What can I Sell on Amazon similar to eBay?

Amazon is usually best for selling new or handmade items, although some people do find success selling used stuff as well. eBid is very similar to eBay in that you can sell just about anything on the site including clothing, sporting goods, art, jewelry, baby stuff and more.

Can you sell and buy the same stock at the same time?

If you’re selling and buying back the same stock within a certain amount of time, though, special rules can apply. You generally can’t take a capital loss if you sell securities and buy the same securities within 30 days, in either direction, of the sale.

Which is the best site to buy or sell things?

Oodle can also be a good way to buy or sell antiques as they will also list products from eBay for local pickup. Oodle also allows sellers to advertise listings via Facebook as well. Oodle has a wide array of categories including pets, personals and services. 7. Bookoo

Where can I Sell Anything on the Internet?

On eBay you can sell just about anything. While some eBay alternatives allow you to sell specific items online, others, like the ones listed in this section, allow you to sell pretty much anything. Here are some of the more well-known sites for selling everything online. 1. Amazon Amazon can be a great source for selling just about anything.