Can a bearded dragon live with a broken leg?

In some cases, such as with severe breaks or when infection has set in, the affected limb will need to be amputated. Most reptiles will adjust to their changed bodies and go on to live the rest of their lives otherwise normally.

What happens if you accidentally step on your bearded dragon?

Chances are that once your bearded dragon is ready to defecate again, the tissue may prolapse once again and need to be surgically repaired (assuming there is no permanent damage from the trauma that he received). …

Should I be worried if my bearded dragon bites me?

No! Bearded dragons are not poisonous creatures and with such small teeth, there really is no need to worry about any potential dangers that come with being bitten. Now, they do naturally carry salmonella and this can be transmitted to humans BUT this is extremely rare.

How fragile are bearded dragons?

Re: Are bearded dragon less hardy than other reptiles? There are a lot of factors that contribute to beardie’s ill health. Breeders sell them a week or two after hatching in some cases, and they are very fragile, needing specific sized prey items several times a day, proper heat, uvb, and hydration, etc.

What do I do if my bearded dragon bites me?

It’s always advisable to wash your hands after handling your bearded dragon and this would be no exception. If the bite does break the skin, treat it like any other cut or scratch. First, wash and disinfect the bite. Alcohol, peroxide, or Neosporin are all good choices.

How long does it take to reverse mbd in bearded dragons?

How Long Does It Take to Reverse MBD? Unfortunately, it can many months to reverse MBD and in some advanced cases even longer! Some owners have reported it taking up to 6 months to get their bearded dragons walking and moving regularly in advanced cases of Metabolic Bone Disease.

How to tell if a bearded dragon has metabolic bone disease?

The radiograph above depicts both a healthy bearded dragon (top) and a bearded dragon with Metabolic Bone Disease (bottom). Dragons that have a severe case of MBD will very clearly look deformed. Often times, limbs will appear frail and limp, being drug along as the dragon walks, unable to support the weight.

Is there such thing as an unhealthy bearded dragon?

There are also times when an unhealthy bearded dragon may start showing signs or symptoms of a condition without you really knowing it. Unfortunately, an unhealthy bearded dragon can not tell us what is wrong. It is very important to pay attention to tell-tale signs that something might be amiss.

What should I do if my bearded dragon is acting lethargic?

A mercury vapor bulb can be used to supply both radiant heat and UV radiation. If temperatures are in the correct range for the age of your bearded dragon, and it’s not the right time of year for brumation to occur, and your bearded dragon is still acting lethargic you may need to seek the advice of a reptile veterinarian. Additional Reading…

Why did my bearded dragon bit me?

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Biting Me? Your bearded dragon is likely biting you because it feels threatened. This could be due to the fact it’s not used to being in captivity, or it’s stressed from any other number of sources.

Can you get sick if a bearded dragon bites you?

Even though there is nothing to worry about on being bitten by a bearded dragon, there is one risk that may be a cause of concern. A bearded dragon’s mouth is known to carry salmonella bacteria that may be transferred to humans on being bitten. This may lead to serious intestinal problems.