Can a guinea pig survive with a broken leg?

The stress a guinea pig’s body goes through from an injury and the pain it may endure is enough to kill it if left untreated. Even if the first vet you take it to cannot help you fix its leg, be sure to ask for pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to keep it comfortable until you can get it more help.

What to do if your guinea pig has a broken leg?

Make sure that your guinea pig leg is not wrenched or fractured. The spinal problem, such as distended discs or dislocated bones, is a significant risk as well. Also, have a regular check for medical concerns such as tumors and stroke. A guinea pig that is not able to use their hind legs needs regular support.

What causes a guinea pig to get stuck in a cage?

Getting Stuck in the Cage – Guinea pig cages with wire floors, hay hoppers, and other items that a leg will fit in can easily cause a leg to get stuck and injured. Malnutrition – If a guinea pig does not receive proper nutrition then its bones will become weak, brittle and prone to fracturing.

Why does my guinea pig not move her back leg?

The weakening of guinea pig’s back leg could be a gradual process. If the back leg of your guinea pig is not moving then there can be a lot of factors behind the same. Some of the common causes include: This problem arises with the increase in the age of guinea pigs. That is common in older guinea pigs.

When to take a guinea pig to the vet?

If your pet is having a hard time walking or an obvious leg injury, it should be taken to your exotics vet as soon as possible. If your guinea pig is not eating then this should be treated as an emergency situation to prevent ileus from developing as a secondary result of the pain from the leg injury.

Why does my guinea pig have a broken leg?

Unfortunately, broken guinea pig legs are seen far too often by exotics vets and these injuries are often due to accidents involving children or problems with the guinea pig’s cage or toys. If you find yourself with a guinea pig that has a potentially broken leg, there are things you can still do to help your pocket pet.

What to do if your guinea pig has paralysis?

Your vet will probably start with an exam to see if your guinea pig has any feeling in his legs. An X-ray will reveal if the legs have been fractured and can identify spinal injury. A guinea pig that has an injured or broken back can recover, but it will depend on the location and extent of the damage.

Is there something wrong with my guinea pig?

Some conditions in guinea pigs still haven’t been well-researched. Hind leg paralysis is one of these conditions. Even experienced exotic vets are often stumped. Extensive, expensive testing often reveals nothing wrong with the guinea pig, and they are otherwise happy, going about their normal tasks. Eating. Pooping.

Is it possible for a guinea pig to regain its legs?

Hind leg paralysis is not a hopeless situation. Depending on the cause, it’s possible, even likely, they can regain full use of their legs. Armed with knowledge, in just a few days your paralyzed guinea pig could be popcorning again. Don’t give up on your guinea pig too soon.