Can a hamster get an eye infection?

An infection is often also present which can cause heavy eye drainage as well as crusting around the eyelids. Trauma from the cage or another hamster, dental issues, and dirty environments can all cause a hamster to get conjunctivitis.

Why does my hamster have one eye closed?

Hamsters can sometimes be prone to getting infections or abscesses on their face. If there was a facial abscess that was causing some swelling it it possible that the swelling is keeping the eye closed. It sounds to me though that he may have damaged or scratched it. I always recommend a vet visit when it comes to eye problems.

Can a hamster get conjunctivitis in both eyes?

Conjunctivitis can affect one or both eyes depending on the cause. Respiratory infections or the common cold usually affect both eyes. But an injury that may have led to an infection of the eye may result in only the one eye being affected.

How can you tell if a hamster has an eye infection?

Or it could be from many other reasons. The point is that your hamster has an infection and needs your help. For the most part, an infection can be noticed if the eye is red, puffy, hot to the touch. If there is oozing and pus, you can be sure it’s infected.

What can I do to loosen my hamster’s eyelids?

You can attempt to loosen your hamster’s eyelids by wiping the discharge away with a clean, moist cotton ball. If your hamster’s symptoms continue, you should take him to the vet. He may need to have his eyes flushed with saline, or he may need antibiotics.

What kind of eye problem does a dwarf hamster have?

Entropion: Entropion is a problem that causes the eyelid to turn inwards. This is more common among Syrian and dwarf breeds that have a rex curly haired coat. The inward turned eyelid can cause an irritation, decreased vision and excessive tearing and pain. This condition will probably require a trip to the vet.

Is it normal for a hamster to have one eye closed?

My hamster has one eye closed all the time. There are no other hamsters living with him and never have been. He is active and eating. And since he has had the one eye closed he has been more inclined to go towards a hand in his cage. He never goes near people. He seems very healthy except for the fact that his left eye won’t open.

What kind of pink eye does a hamster have?

Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis: There are several types of hamster pink eye and those include: viral and bacterial. The viral type will be accompanied by a respiratory problem and discharge from the eyes.

How can you tell if a hamster has cataract?

You can tell your hamster’s got a possible cataract by the white spot developing on his eye. It could be both eyes, it could be just one, and it could be a larger spot, or just cloudy, blurred eyes. In most cases, cataracts forms as the hamster ages.