Can a hyperthyroid Cat take methimazole too well?

Can a hyperthyroid Cat take methimazole too well?

A small minority of cats really don’t tolerate methimazole too well as I understand it and can have serious side effects. It might be good check back with the vet and let them know these symptoms and that they appear to be new after starting the methimazole, and see what they say.

How long can a cat live on methimazole?

I don’t know many cats who lived much beyond a year after taking it. The best results have always been the radioactive iodine treatment. Expensive, a great call if the cat is young. Read this article by a vet, very thorough.

Are there any side effects to taking methimazole?

The number of side-effects seen in human patients and concerns of making a sick patient sicker make the drug a short-term treatment option. Methimazole does not treat the cause of the problem – the tumor. Treating for a cure is the goal in veterinary medicine for all diseases.

How long is the hospital hold time for methimazole?

Great to hear the hospital hold time is down to 3 days. I do know they do a trial first with the methimazole to make sure that getting the thyroid low doesn’t cause side effects related to lower blood pressure etc. My friend had to do that with his cat.

Is it OK to give your cat methimazole?

When our referring doctors are ask the question “What’s wrong with methimazole?”, we answer with a question: “Is methimazole the treatment you would recommend for your own cat?” Most veterinarians answer – “NO!”

What to do if you miss a dose of methimazole?

For the transdermal cream or gel, wear gloves and measure the dose onto your finger before gently applying it on your cat’s skin (usually to the pinna). Clean the site using a small piece of moist cloth before giving the next dose. Do not stop applying the cream unless the vet advises you to do so. What to do if you miss giving a dose

How is methimazole used to treat thyroid cancer?

Methimazole is a crude therapy that disconnects active thyroid hormone when the proper dose frequency is used but it does nothing to halt the tumor growth. Even the ‘well controlled methimazole patients’ having hourly T4 levels taken, show peaks and valleys in hormone levels that have internal effects…

Are there any side effects to giving clavamox to cats?

Side effects of Clavamox in Cats. Note: Feeding the cat before giving the antibiotic might minimize the risk of throwing up [21]. Contact your vet or call the Animal Poison Control Center Helpline (1-888-426-4435) if you notice any of the above symptoms or in case you have mistakenly given your cat an overdose.