Can a Pomeranian get along with other dogs?

Pomeranians don’t bond very well with other dogs unless raised together. Unless raised in a litter and with good social skills they usually don’t get along other dogs. They tend to get aggressive towards strange dogs .

Is it true that Pomeranians do not always breed true?

Unfortunately Pomeranians do not always breed true. That is to say putting a well-bred dog of correct size to a well bred bitch of the correct size, does not automatically give you small puppies and the size of the puppies does not tell you the adult size of the dog.

Do you have to take care of Pomeranian puppies?

If you’re making your dog available as a Pomeranian stud service, you still have responsibility to care for all puppies bred as a result, as do the owners of the female Pomeranian bred to your Pomeranian stud dog. Being a Pomeranian breeder means you’re responsible for the reproductive future of all puppies you sell.

What’s the life expectancy of a Pomeranian mix?

Instead, it is a mixed breed puppy, the hybrid between Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. The Pomchi usually has a round head with a gag that turns out to more restricted at the nose. The eyes of this breed tend to be vast and round. Life Expectancy: 12 to 18 years. 9. Dameranian Damienian is a lovely small dog.

Is it OK to have a Pomeranian with a child?

They are not the right choice for a family with young children. Pomeranians can be defensive if they feel threatened. They will growl and nip when they are frightened. For the safety of the dog, as well as the children, consider another breed if you have small kids.

Are there two Pomeranians that are the same?

No two dogs are the same. Each one has its; own unique behaviour and personality. The puppies have a 50% chance of taking after the other parent. Most of the dog’s personality will be developed as he grows, not inherited.

Can you breed two merle Pomeranians together?

Two merle Pomeranians should never be bred together. The merle gene modifies the base color of the dog’s coat. This gene also modifies eye color and the color of the dog’s points ( i.e. nose, eye rims and pads). The merle pattern is the result of a dominant gene. Merle Pomeranians must have one merle parent. What is a Merle Pomeranian?

Are there any Pomeranian puppies with bad temperaments?

Unstable temperaments. Pomeranians are a popular breed, which means lots of unknowledgeable and irresponsible people breed them, trying to make a buck. That leads to lots of Poms with genetically bad temperaments. I wouldn’t buy any Pomeranian puppy unless you meet both of his parents and both have stellar temperaments.