Can a Yorkie be free to go in the day?

My Yorkie puppies are free to go as they like in the home and the office and have access to the backyard in the day. Our puppies are played with daily and are raised around children and other dogs and are loved and socialized very early on. I offer top quality Yorkies for sale.

Where can I buy a Yorkshire Terrier in South Africa?

We breed exceptional quality Yorkshire Terriers. Damandi Yorkies a family owned/operated kennel in Schweizer Reneke, North West Province, South Africa. Hello, I’m Amanda Pretorius a certified yorkie dog Breeder.

Can a Yorkshire Terrier be left alone for too long?

Yorkies can become very anxious and lonely when left alone for long stretches of time. This may make them destructive or difficult to train. Be sure to socialize them immediately after adoption and work with them so they remain calm and collected no matter who is at the door.

How can you tell if your Yorkie has separation anxiety?

Another symptom of separation anxiety may be noticed when you come home. Your Yorkie may become overexcited and it will take time to calm the dog down. Excitement urination is a definite sign that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Are there any Parti Yorkies bred by yorkiehouse?

Summer is our new Sable Parti girl. She produces her color in her puppies. Gypsy is a bred by Yorkiehouse ! We look forward to seeing what she produces towards the end of this year. Whinny is an exquisite example of the blended Parti colors. Whinny is bred by Yorkiehouse.

What kind of color does a Parti Yorkie have?

Any Yorkie with significant white patches or white colors combined with black and gold is considered a Parti Yorkie. A Parti Yorkie can also have golden or chocolate colors, although that’s less common.

Who is the newest member of the yorkiehouse?

Macchi is our newest addition to Yorkiehouse ! He is young so it will be a while before we get to produce his babies but looking forward to them in the future. London was bred by Yorkiehouse ! She is a Sable Parti from our momma girl Summer below. We look forward to seeing her babies late this year. Summer is our new Sable Parti girl.

Where does the Parti Yorkie gene lay dormant?

The recessive genes of the Parti Yorkie usually lay dormant within the Yorkie until two Yorkshire Terriers carrying the Parti Yorkie gene are mated together.