Can Chinese water dragons get high?

Asian water dragons are arboreal lizards, meaning they climb and like to be up high. An ideal enclosure for one or more adult dragons should measure 6 feet tall, 3 to 4 feet deep and 4 to 6 feet long.

Do Chinese water dragons need a lot of attention?

Like all reptiles, they require careful attention, need specialized diets, controlled temperatures in their enclosure, and gentle handling. If you feel like you would be a good match for a Chinese water dragon, learn some more details on what it takes to care for them.

Why is the water dragon a power animal?

The Water Dragon brings connection, depth and passion. The water dragon as power animal brings memories and wishes, perhaps long forgotten yet hidden, to the fore. By squaring up with painful past experiences, a sense of peace and balance can be achieved in our lives. The water dragon will give you the courage and compassion in this challenge.

Who was the first person to drown in the Shun River?

In 143, Cao Xu accidentally fell into the Shun River. in an act of filial piety, she decided to find her father in the river. After five days, she and her father were both found dead in the river from drowning. Eight years later, a temple was built in Shangyu dedicated to the memory of Cao E and her sacrifice for filial piety.

Is it possible to catch a dragon spirit guide?

It is possible that it is a dragon spirit guide. Usually they are not caught on film but if you catch them just right you can and will . as for being concerned this one shows up as a white mass. This is a very good thing. If it where to appeared black I would have been very concerned. I might suggest reading everything you can on them.

What do you need to know about the air Dragon?

The Air Dragon brings insight, inspiration and vitality. This power animal must be handled with the greatest of respect. With this power animal, large flashes of illumination in intellect and psyche are possible. Insight and clarity will be given for all problems.