Can fantail goldfish live with black moors?

Make sure you house them with other slow-moving fantail goldfish, as singlefin varieties are too fast and boisterous, and could eat all the food before your black moors get to it, or even bully the black moors. The same space requirements stand as when you’re keeping them with other black moors.

Can you mix black Moor and goldfish?

Black Moor Goldfish Tank Mates Black Moors are peaceful, fragile, and slow-swimmers, so any tank mates should have similar traits – this will prevent your Goldfish from being harassed and bullied. This description matches many other varieties of Fancy Goldfish such as Orandas, so they can usually be grouped together.

Are there black fantail goldfish?

Colors of the fantail goldfish usually come in a few solids or a mix of orange, blue (silver), black, bronze and red. A good quality fantail will have a good balance of color on both sides of its body.

What kind of tail does a Black Moor goldfish have?

Some Black Moors have tail fins similar to that of the Fan Tail Fancy Goldfish, or even similar to that of the Butterfly Tail Fancy Goldfish. Regardless of their tail fin formation, the Black Moor’s fins should be beautiful, long, black and flowing or it is simply not a Black Moor. Are Black Moor Fancy Goldfish Difficult To Care For?

What do you need to know about fantail fancy goldfish?

In order for a Fantail Fancy Goldfish to be entered into a show, they need to meet certain show standards. Otherwise, the judges will not deem the fish as a worthy specimen of the species. The show standards for the Fantail Fancy Goldfish includes body shape and size, caudal fin specifics as well as their scales and coloration.

Can a fancy goldfish live in a fancy fish tank?

Fancy goldfish (of which the black moor is one) are very sociable and tend to get along very well with fish of their own kind. Placing more than one goldfish (or type of goldfish) in the same tank will not just create a tank full of pretty fish, but also a tank in which every fish is genuinely living a good life.

Can a Black Moor goldfish live with a comet goldfish?

This trait is just one of the reasons the Black Moor should be sharing their tank with other “handicapped” goldfish such as the Celestial Eyed Fancy Goldfish and not speedy goldfish such as the Comet Goldfish. Another physical trait to help you identify the Black Moor is their body shape.

What kind of goldfish does a black moor have?

Just above, a nice young Black Moor. These Fancy Goldfish including Orandas, Fantails, Telescopes and Black Moors are compatible with each other and make a nice mixture. But they will often pick on Bubble Eyes and Celestials, which do better when kept separately. Click here to see the types of Fancy Goldfish for sale in our facility.

What kind of fish is a fancy goldfish?

Fancy Goldfish are very nice fish for a pond or a large cool water aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water. These Fancy Goldfish varieties are available in several colors: Red, Red and White, Calico, Red and Black, and solid Black like the Black Moors shown above.

Is it easy to care for a fantail fancy goldfish?

Difficulty of care of the Fantail Goldfish: The Fantail Fancy Goldfish can be an excellent choice for first-time fish owners. They can be relatively easy to care for as long as you understand the basic requirements of goldfish and you implement them.

When did the fantail fancy goldfish first appear?

The original fancy goldfish first appeared in the 1400’s in China during the Ming Dynasty. They had chubby, egg-shaped bodies, and split tail fins. This original fancy goldfish is known as the Fantail Fancy Goldfish.