Can goldfish have babies in a pond?

In an uncontrolled environment like a garden pond, goldfish can breed given there is a minimum of one male and one female. Spawning occurs when the water temperature is between 50-78*F (10-26*C). As a female drops her eggs (500-4000), several males will follow closely behind and attempt to fertilize the eggs.

How can you tell a baby koi from a baby goldfish?

Most, not all, baby goldfish are born black. They change slowly to orange and other colors, along the back first. So the ones you think are Koi that are black on the backs are probably Goldies. The ones that are already colored up are probably Koi, since Koi are usually born with colors.

Do koi fish make babies?

Around late spring to early summer, koi and goldfish start spawning. As the fish spawn, they reproduce thousands of eggs. Only a few of them survive and become baby fish. Koi are known for scattering their eggs and depositing them on the pond floor or in plants.

What can I feed baby koi fish?

You can stock up on lots of powdered fish flakes, powdered freeze-dried krill, frozen daphnia cubes and koi pellets (crushed adult food or buy the baby pellets). A lot of people also use a popular chicken egg recipe for the first few days after birth.

How do you raise a baby koi fry?

Feed liquid fry food frequently for the first week. Fry should be fed small amounts four or five times a day as they are developing. Also offer strained hard-boiled egg yolk for the first couple days to help increase the size of their stomachs. Offer newly hatched brine shrimp larvae after one week.

What happens when a koi becomes a goldfish?

Once the fish has turned fully yellow gold, the color will start to deepen to dark orange/red or gold. (Note, not all of the fish turn gold, some retain their natural wild coloration. More on this later). Both Koi and Goldfish are cannibalistic so you are correct that the smaller fish could be in danger of becoming a meal.

How big do koi fish have to be to survive?

At anything smaller than 2 inches in body length they will struggle to survive over winter. If the fry are Koi, the same applies, but you wouldn’t want to keep as many because of the size they grow to. (You may even have a mix of both Koi and Goldfish. Does one of the Koi look broader than the other or have colored pectoral fins?) 3.

How big are goldfish in the lower pond?

There are at least 50-100 small minnow like fish between the two ponds. I am hesitant to put the “new” goldfish into the bigger lower pond in fear of them becoming koi food, but the winter is approaching and only the lower pond will have the ice breaker heater in it. I hope I gave you enough information.

What to do with goldfish that are turning gold?

If the fry are Goldfish, and you want to keep a few, say no more than 6, you need to select those that are turning gold and either move them indoors over winter, or leave them in the top pond as long as it doesn’t completely freeze. At anything smaller than 2 inches in body length they will struggle to survive over winter.

What do goldfish do in a koi pond?

Fish will procreate like crazy in a healthy pond. Goldfish will eat koi eggs and fry (baby fish). While very few will make it, the population of the fish overall will stay at a manageable rate. Koi often nibble more at floating plants like water hyacinth and floating lettuce.

What do koi fish look like when they are babies?

The babies are usually small and resemble small insects and aquatic organisms that koi fish eat. Once the baby koi fish starts to grow into adult fish and start to look more like their parents, the koi fish will stop eating them. You will start to notice the koi fish eating the eggs or babies right from when the spawning starts.

Can a koi and a goldfish be cannibalistic?

Both Koi and Goldfish are cannibalistic so you are correct that the smaller fish could be in danger of becoming a meal. Having said that, Koi and Goldfish aren’t aggressive towards other fish, so quite large size differences can be kept together. If the smaller fish can’t fit into the mouths of the bigger fish, they wont be eaten.

When do koi and goldfish start to spawn?

KOI AND GOLDFISH SPAWNING IN BACKYARD POND IS EASY TO RECOGNIZE. Time: Late May, any year. Call comes in from pond customer (s).

How many times a day do you feed baby koi?

In all stages of early development, including when they first begin to eat, koi need to be fed small portions four times per day. Feed no more than what can be eaten within five minutes to prevent tank pollution and always offer four meals to support growth and prevent larger babies from preying on smaller ones.