Can guinea pigs have babies after 6 months?

Can guinea pigs have babies after 6 months?

When to Breed Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are sexually mature as young as one month of age. While it is less important for the male pig to be a certain age at the time of breeding, the female needs to be less than 10 months old (at the maximum) to be able to give birth naturally.

Can you put a baby guinea pig in with an older guinea pig?

Yes, this can often work quite well. Older guinea pigs are less likely to perceive the smaller, younger guinea pig as a threat and so pairs like this tend to get on relatively well. Keep a close eye on them for several hours to ensure that they’re getting on well,…

When do you stop nursing a baby guinea pig?

Baby guinea pig: Week three. This is the earliest time period in which pups may stop nursing, although many experts recommend that pups be weaned as late as 6 weeks. Weaning age depends on several factors including the pup’s weight, the mother’s milk supply, and the number of siblings.

When do guinea pigs start to leave the nest?

At six weeks old baby guineas pigs are fully weaned, and have stopped nursing from their mother. They’ve learned all the skills they need for independence, and they’re ready to leave the nest. Six or seven weeks old is the age at which most breeders will let their pups go to their new homes.

How big are guinea pigs when they are born?

They are born precocial, which means they already have teeth and fur, and from their earliest moments they can see, hear, and move about. On average, baby guinea pigs come in litters of 2-4, and weigh 70-115g. Pups from small litters are usually bigger than pups from large litters.

What do you feed a baby guinea pig?

When your guinea pig is a baby (a pup), you should feed him alfalfa hay, because it contains higher levels of calcium than other kinds of hay, and this is important to promote healthy bone growth. When your guinea pig is full-grown, you should feed him timothy hay, which has a lower calcium content and plenty of fiber.

How many babies can a guinea pig have?

The guinea pig gestation period is 59 to 73 days. The litter size ranges from 1 to 8 pups, however a litter of 2 to 4 is more common. How many times can a guinea pig have babies? A female can bring to life approximately 5 litters annually.

Where can you buy baby guinea pigs?

The easiest and most convenient way to buy a guinea pig is through your local pet store. If you don’t have a small local pet store around, chances are there is a big commercialized pet store around your area. Such stores include Petsmart and Petco.

What do baby guinea pigs eat?

Newborn guinea pigs mostly subsist off of their mother’s milk, but they are capable of nibbling at solid food (guinea pig pellets, grass, fruits, and vegetables) as soon as they’re born. They’ll follow their mother wherever she goes, as soon as they’re done with their first drink of milk,…