Can I take my hedgehog outside during the day?

Yes! You can take your hedgehog outside to play. It is likely that your hedgehog will enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery during the summer months. However you should always take some precautions to ensure your hedgie is safe from harm.

Is it bad if a hedgehog is out in the day?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and only come out at night. Generally, any hedgehog out during the day is probably in trouble and will need to be picked up and taken to a wildlife rescue centre.

What to do if you find a hedgehog out in the day?

Otherwise a hedgehog found out during daylight should be restrained in a box or cage, INDOORS, then call a rescue for advice. Hedgehogs sleep and hibernate in specially built nests. If you find one lying in the middle of a garden or path, assume they are ill and take them to an expert as soon as possible.

Can you let your hedgehog run around?

A healthy hedgehog needs to run around and let off some steam. After hedgehog-proofing your place, give your buddy time to run around outside of the enclosure. Hedgehogs sleep during the day and are active at night. Otherwise it will keep you up all night running on its wheel or playing with its toys.

What do you do with a rescued hedgehog?

Phone or take the animal to your nearest rescue or vet immediately. If one place doesn’t answer the phone, call another, time is of the essence. Any local vet should take the animal and treat it under their RCVS Code of Practice.

How are hedgehogs acclimated to the day time?

Hedgehogs should be gradually acclimated to daytime activity through routine handling and feeding earlier in the day. Some hedgehogs may accept this change more readily than others.

What should I expect when I pick up a hedgehog?

People often expect an immediate positive response to being picked up. Be sure to give your hedgehog plenty of time to “get the sleep out of its eyes” before you attempt to pet or handle it. Hedgehogs should be gradually acclimated to daytime activity through routine handling and feeding earlier in the day.

Do you leave hedgehogs in their nests all day?

Hedgehogs sleep all day in their nests. Please do not disturb them. If the nest has been uncovered, cover it straight back up. As long as it isn’t out in daylight or ‘sunbathing’ on your lawn, leave it alone and it will hibernate when it’s ready.

What causes a hedgehog to go into hibernation?

Overall, hibernation is probably triggered by a combination of cold ambient temperatures, a change in daylength and a lack of food but, as we shall see, it is a complicated relationship. A drop in temperature seems to be a significant trigger for hedgehogs to enter hibernation, but it’s not the whole story.

When do hedgehogs go out in the day?

Hedgehogs do not go out in the day. They spend their days sleeping and come out at night. This may sound surprising to some users but this is how hedgehogs behave as they are nocturnal animals.

What should I do about my Hedgehog’s activity level?

A visit to the veterinarian is in order if you observe any changes other than activity level. The best way to monitor your hedgehog’s health and activity level is to keep a journal or log of its weight, food intake, and behavior.

When to expect a hedgehog to interact with you?

You can expect your hedgehog to interact with you when you are handling it or when you put it in a stimulating environment. However, when you return your hedgehog to its cage, it is likely to return to sleep. Hedgehogs may enjoy being awakened or handled at specific times.

What to do if a hedgehog is out in the Sun?

IN EXTREMELY HOT, DRY WEATHER. If a hedgehog or any animal is out, where you would not normally see it, in hot/dry weather it will be dying for a drink. Literally. Please put out plant pot saucers with straight sides, fill them with fresh water and top up daily. Place the saucers in the borders under plants for shade.

Can you leave a hedgehog for a weekend?

You should not leave your hedgie home alone for more than a day. While hedgehogs are content in solitude, they do need to be fed and checked in on daily.

Is it cruel to keep a hedgehog?

So, is it cruel to keep a hedgehog as a pet? There is no harm in deciding to keep a pet hedgehog, as long as you love and care for it as you would any other pet. Many people decide to keep African Pygmy hedgehogs as pets, and they need more care and maintenance than other pets.