Can rats recover from respiratory infections?

Unfortunately, in rats, when respiratory disease occurs, it is usually present for life. Respiratory signs can clear up with the right treatment; however, in many cases, they will recur, as the organisms causing the infection can be very difficult to eliminate from the respiratory tract.

Why does my rat have red stuff in his eyes?

Seeing a red discharge from your rat’s eyes or nose can be very alarming, but do not panic- this is not blood. The mucus membranes of rats contains a pigment known as ‘porphyrin,’ and while seeing porphyrin discharge around the eyes or mouth can be a sign of illness, it also manifests in situations of stress.

What to do if your rat has red discharge?

Porphyrin discharge can be increased if your rat has breathing trouble, Pneumonia or Mycoplasma. Some rats never have a problem with red discharge, and some rats may have it their whole lives. If you notice your rat has red discharge from its eyes or nose, wash the rats eyes/face with warm water and a damp washcloth.

How can you tell if a rat has a respiratory infection?

Look for a reddish discharge around your rat’s eyes and nose. This discharge is called porphyrin and, while it does look a little like blood, it’s a different substance altogether. If your rat’s eyes and nose are discharging more porphyrin than usual, it’s a good sign that your rat has a respiratory infection.

What to do if your rat has a nose infection?

Excessive discharge or discharge around a rats nose could be a sign of illness. *If you notice your rat has discharge from their eyes or nose, wash the rats eyes/face with warm water and wipe clean with a damp washcloth.

What are the symptoms of a sick rat?

It is the cause of murine respiratory mycoplasmosis (MRM), a chronic and progressive respiratory disease and one of the most common rat illnesses. MRM presents with a number of symptoms including: sneezing, sniffling, squinting, wheezing, difficulty breathing, red-colored tears, and a thick discharge from the nose.

What does it mean when a rat has red stuff in his nose?

What Does It Mean if There is a Red Discharge Around My Rat’s Nose or Eyes? This red discharge is called porphyrin, and while it looks like blood, it is not. Increased porphyrin secretion occurs in rats due to stress or illness, which is common in rats with respiratory disease.

Is it normal for a rat to have a nasal discharge?

Under normal circumstances, most rats do not have a nasal discharge, although Dr. Booth has seen many older disease free rats that frequently have a slight eye discharge. If an animal has a plugged nasal-lacrimal duct (drains from the eye to the nose), your veterinarian can check the patency by placing fluorescein stain in the eye.

What should I do if my rat has a discharge in his eye?

The fact that only one eye of your rat has a prominent discharge is more suggestive of a problem not related to any respiratory or viral infection. Your rat should be examined by a veterinarian who can examine the eye, try and determine the problem, and prescribe an topical ophthalmic ointment if indicated.