Can Westie Lung be treated?

Treatment generally involves the use of a steroid which will help reduce the inflammation in the lungs and reduce the scarring present. We may also prescribe other medication e.g. bronchodilators to help improve the aeration in the lungs or heart medication to control blood pressure and blood flow.

What kind of skin disease does a Westie have?

Other skin diseases in Westies include seborrhea, and a very serious disease: epidermal dysplasia. Let’s talk about epidermal dysplasia in West Highland White Terriers. Epidermal dysplasia is also called Westie armadillo syndrome – for good reason, as you’ll see. This inherited skin disease is quite dreadful.

What do you need to know about Westie lung disease?

The earliest symptom is a crackling in the lungs when breathing that becomes more apparent as the disease progresses. This noise is faint, so you need to put your ear close to your Westie’s mouth to hear it.

How to tell if your Westie has an allergy?

Common Allergy Signs & Symptoms in Westies 1 Dry, itchy skin (possible scabs or sores) 2 Excessive scratching, biting or licking on skin 3 Watery eyes 4 Paw chewing 5 Nasal discharge 6 Chronic ear infections 7 Diarrhea 8 Vomiting 9 Sneezing 10 Breathing issues (very serious sign!)

Are there any supplements for dogs with Westie lung disease?

The recommended dosage of enzyme supplements for dogs is the same as for humans. Serrapeptose helps reduce inflammation and can help dissolve fibrin in the lungs, and Nattokinase can help improve circulation. There have been no clinical drug trials since these are only supplements, but many users have reported positive results in their Westies.

What kind of health problems does a Westie have?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflammatory bowel disease, while not fatal, can still be a major health concern for many Westies. This condition affects the digestive system of the dog, and it is most commonly due to some unknown cause.

How old does a Westie have to be to have hip dysplasia?

Some of these dogs begin to show symptoms of hip dysplasia as early as three months of age, while others are a year or so old before it becomes apparent. This condition is inherited and there is currently no cure.

How old does a Westie have to be to have a seizure?

Westies that develop this condition typically begin showing symptoms around two years of age, and it can eventually lead to seizures as well as trouble walking and getting up. While steroids are usually effective in treating the symptoms of this condition, there is still no cure.

Is there a cure for Westie lung disease?

While steroids are usually effective in treating the symptoms of this condition, there is still no cure. A dog with this condition may require steroids all its life if it is severe enough. Pulmonary fibrosis is a form of acute pneumonia that is very common with Westies, and it is also referred to as “ Westie lung disease .”