Can you breed a Blue merle Great Dane?

Avoid Breeding Merle Great Danes Breeding merles is currently deemed an unethical practice by the Great Dane Club of America’s breeder’s code of ethics. Not to mention that breeding merles may produce dead puppies, sick puppies, and Danes that are predisposed to future health problems.

How much does a Blue merle Great Dane cost?

If you purchase a Dane from a breeder, expect to pay between $1800 and $3000 depending on whether a companion or show dog.

What color can you breed a merle Great Dane with?

For Great Danes this could be Harlequin x Merle, Harlequin x Harlequin, Merle x Merle, any Quin x Quin and any Quin x Merle breeding. Can you breed a double Merle? A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are.

Can you breed a harlequin with a Blue merle?

Merles LACK the necessary genetics on their own to produce harlequins: no one has ever documented a merle to merle breeding that produced harlequins. So by all reliable reports, merles as a group do not productively contribute to the harlequin-mantle gene pool.

What happens if you breed two blue Merle dogs?

Double Merle dogs are highly likely to suffer from hearing and vision impairments and in some cases complete blindness and deafness. Deafness and hearing impairment happens due to lack of hair pigment produced in the inner ear. Double Merles can also be blind or have vision problems due to congenital eye defects.

Are there different colors of Merle Great Dane?

Combination of these patterns and colors. The AKC also lists other standard colors, so you may find blue merle Danes, silver merle Great Danes, and chocolate merle Great Danes. There also exists a rather special case; the harlequin merle Great Dane.

Can you breed a harlequin Great Dane with a Merle?

While breeding two Harlequin Great Danes, litters will typically have one or two Merle puppies. The same can be expected when breeding a Harlequin and a Mantle Great Dane. However, the latter is the preferred breeding method.

What kind of pattern does a great dane have?

As mentioned earlier, the merle pattern can appear on many different Great Dane coat colors. It’s also possible for some patterns to combine, such as mantle and merle, or brindle and merle. This leads to many different possibilities in the coat of a merle Dane.

What happens to the eyes of a Merle Great Dane?

The merle gene also contributes to eye color. Outcomes can range from mottled eye colors (two or more colors in a single eye), two different colored eyes, or one or both eyes being blue. Eye defects or blindness is possible in dogs that test positive for the single (heterozygous) merle gene.

What color is Great Dane coat?

As previously mentioned, Merle Great Danes do come in different color varieties. The grey base coat with irregular black spots and splotches seem to be the standard coloring. They may have white patches on their chest and feet.

Can you breed Merle Great Danes?

Great Danes. Merle Great Danes are extremely beautiful and can result in breeding Great Danes with standard coat colors. Although the merle color pattern is considered to be a marked pattern by official registries, this rare color pattern is still sought out by many people who are looking to adopt a Great Dane.

What are Great Dane markings?

Although, a grey color, in the base coat or spots, is the standard marking of a Merle Great Dane. Sometimes Merle Great Danes are confused with Harlequin Great Danes. Harlequins typically have a white base coat with black spots.

What are the colors of Great Danes?

The Official Great Dane Colors. The seven officially recognized colors are Black, Blue, Fawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Mantle, and Merle.

How do I get a blue harlequin Great Dane?

Blue Great Dane overview Blue Great Danes are got when two Great Danes with a blue recessive gene are bred. Both parents should have blue recessive genes but do not always have a blue coat. Some breeders also breed Harlequin and Blue Great Danes to have Blue Harlequin Great Danes.