Can you buy guinea pigs as babies?

Can you buy guinea pigs as babies?

They originate from South America and there are eight species, but only one – the domestic cavy – is kept as a pet. Animal charities like Blue Cross have guinea pigs that need good homes. Alternatively, you could contact a reputable breeder. If you’re looking for babies, they should be at least six weeks old.

Is there such a thing as a baby guinea pig?

For true cavy lovers, the only thing may be a baby guinea pig. Guinea pig puppies (yes, they’re called puppies) require special attention in the beginning to build a trusting relationship with you. Here are some tips and recommendations that covers the first step in buying a baby guinea pig, to the last step in caring for them.

Is it illegal to have only one guinea pig?

Starting from why owning only one guinea pig is illegal in Switzerland to how you can keep your guinea pig happy without a companion. So, is it okay to have only one guinea pig? Yes you CAN have only one guinea pig, but SHOULD you?

How to find a guinea pig for adoption?

Find a Guinea Pig at a Shelter Find a Pet… Find photos of Guinea Pigs for adoption near you. Read profiles of Guinea Pigs personalities. Give a healthy Guinea Pig a home. Why buy a Guinea Pig for sale when you can adopt? Use Search Saver. We will e-mail you when we find a Guinea Pig in your area for adoption.

How old is Lucy the guinea pig for adoption?

Meet, Lucy who is part of a bonded pair of guinea pigs for adoption. Lucy is a smooth haired guinea pig, with a dark “salt and pepper” coloring. She is just over a year old, so she is still young. Although she is not quite as outgoing, she makes up for it being a very sweet guinea pig.

How much does a baby guinea cost?

Guinea pigs are pretty cheap to buy, costing anywhere from $10 to $40, with the average price of a guinea pig being around $25. However, they also have setup and ongoing costs. Expect to fork out $200 to begin with, and then up to another $40 a month for a pair of piggies.

Can you have a guinea as a pet?

Guinea pigs make great pets. They live for several years, so you can enjoy them longer than most other rodents. They have different personalities and are very vocal, making it easy to know their individual identities and get attached. They are fun to play with and very entertaining.

Can you adopt a baby guinea pig?

There are also many private rescue organisations, including guinea pigs in foster care that are available for adoption. By contacting your state or the closest reputable rescue in your area you could enquire about the possibility of private adoption.

How much is a vet bill for a guinea pig?

Each time you take your guinea pig to the veterinarian, and please do, it’s going to cost about $50. Guinea pigs are considered exotic pets, and taking one to the vet if they have health problems will cost more than taking a cat or dog to the vet.

Is it expensive to own a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs can be much more expensive than you might have guessed. Although they’re small, their food isn’t especially cheap, and much like rabbits, they’ll need a regular supply of bedding and hay. Between the bedding, hay, pellets, and fresh produce, you’re looking at $40-$60 in monthly costs.