Can you combine peace lily plants?

Can you combine peace lily plants?

Peace lilies grow most of their foliage directly out of the soil though, and a single plant can be divided many times. When dividing peace lily plants, the first thing to do is to get it out of its old pot. If your peace lily is still small, you can probably just pull the roots apart with your hands.

How do I make my peace lily variegated?

Mist the leaves three times a week with cool water. As a tropical plant, the variegated peace lily thrives in moist, humid conditions. Wipe the foliage with a damp sponge to remove any dust or debris.

What plants go well with peace lily?

So plants that like humid and warm environments and light to partial shade are going to be compatible with peace lilies (Spathiphyllum). I suggest using Peperomias or Tradescantia (Spiderwort). There are other plants that will work, but these genus have textures and colors that will compliment the peace lily foilage.

Do Peace lilies grow better in water or soil?

Can Peace Lilies be Grown in Water? Yes, peace lilies can grow in water alone; they are often sold in vases without any soil.

Does peace lily like coffee grounds?

Yes, coffee grounds can be good for your peace lilies. Primarily as a fertilizer due to their high nutrient content. The grounds are acidic, too, lowering your soil’s pH. Coffee grounds in your potting soil can ward off indoor pets like cats & also help reverse leaf browning on peace lilies.

Does peace lily need lots of water?

Peace lilies like to be watered a lot at once, but also need a chance to dry out afterward. Watering about once a week and spritzing leaves with water throughout the summer will help keep your peace lily hydrated.

Do peace lilies like coffee grounds?

They prefer the coffee grounds. Just save a little of your leftover coffee grounds and sprinkle them onto the soil, then water your plant as normal. Geraniums in particular just love coffee, and so do Peace Lily plants!

Are eggshells good for peace lily?

While fertilizing your houseplant with eggshells is very good for them, make sure you don’t do it too often. Instead, keep this to an annual treat for the plants.