Can you cut a teddy bear hamsters hair?

Cut your long-haired hamster’s fur. While your hamster should be able to clean his own skirt, it may be easier to simply cut back the fur instead. This is also helpful in the warmer months if your hamster is overheating. You can cut back the length of his skirt to keep him cool.

How big is the fur of a teddy bear hamster?

The fur of long-haired teddy hamster can grow up to 4 inches long. Due to their long fluffy fur, extra grooming should be given to them to prevent dust or tangled hair. You just need to have a toothbrush to brush their long hair.

What should I use to groom my teddy bear hamster?

These creatures are able to groom themselves; however, one may brush them using a clean toothbrush in order to remove tangles. One should consider a toothbrush that has soft bristles to avoid scratching the skin of the hamsters.

Is there an allergic reaction to a teddy bear hamster?

Human allergic reaction to the long haired teddy bear hamster. It is thought by many that the long hair of the teddy bear hamster may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This however is untrue, and those concerns are unfounded. Animal hair is not considered to be a major cause of allergic reactions in humans.

How long is a teddy bear hamster pregnant?

Most teddy bear hamsters are pregnant for around 16 days, which is short in comparison to a Roborovski, whose gestation period on average is 22-30 days. It is important during their pregnancy that that you start to provide your hamster with some additional care.

What to do with a teddy bear hamster?

Due to their longer hair, teddy bears need owners willing to give their long coats regular grooming. They are more likely to develop matted and tangled fur which requires brushing with a toothbrush or small flea comb to smooth it out gently. Hamsters attempt to clean their own fur, but they have no control over the length of it.

How big does a female teddy bear hamster get?

Some female teddy bear hamsters will grown tufts of fur that extend from the shoulders, or may grow a small skirt of fur slightly shorter than that of male teddy bear hamsters. Size: Teddy bear hamsters can grow to be up to five inches in length, though this is slightly influenced by diet, genetics and the size of their cage.

What’s the best way to groom a long haired hamster?

Trim the fur. If brushing and bathing doesn’t improve your long haired hamster’s fur then you may resort to trimming. Avoid holding the hamster on its back while you do this. Keep it held in your hand or the hand of a helper. Use a small pair of scissors to trim just a little at a time from the matted fur.

What’s the difference between a teddy bear hamster and a Syrian hamster?

What is the difference between a Syrian hamster and a teddy bear hamster? A Syrian hamster with long hair is often referred to as a teddy bear hamster, due to its cute and fluffy appearance whilst a short haired Syrian hamster is known as a fancy hamster, although the names are interchangeable.