Can you get a cyst surgically removed?

Procedure: Cyst removal may be performed under general anesthesia or sedation depending on the size and location. The surgeon will make an incision on the skin above or near the cyst to either drain or remove it. The skin may be sutured closed and covered with steri-strips and a gauze dressing or surgical glue.

How do guinea pigs get ovarian cysts?

Follicular Cysts in Guinea Pigs Ovarian cysts are most common in female guinea pigs that are between the ages of eighteen months and five years of age. This condition occurs when the ovarian follicles do not rupture to release the ova (eggs), resulting in the formation of cysts on the ovaries.

How do you get a cyst out of a guinea pig?

Thanks. Easily treated. Incision (or even a large bore needle) into the top of the lump and squeeze the contents out. Whichever technique you use there is no need for an anaesthetic, often finger pressure alone is sufficient to cause the cyst to burst.

Why did Bertie the guinea pig have his cyst removed?

We had Bertie’s removed because it had ruptured. Under gen anasthetic because the suturing was a complicated affair due to loss of skin. He recovered well after that and any ailments he’s had recently are not related to it. Just be prepared for a half bald piggie for a few weeks.

How big is a sebaceous cyst on a guinea pig?

The other seb. cyst was on his back about 2cm diameter, that needed the contents removed and the cyst lining removed. No sutures needed. Our Dylan has had two quite large ones. The vet advised that unless they were causing a problem or discomfort (they weren’t) then they were perfectly safe.

Do you need to apply dressing to sebaceous cyst?

It is preferable to remove the cyst lining to minimise the chance of reccurence, however this is probably best not done unless you have some previous surgical experience or have been shown what to do. There is no need to apply any dressing once the cyst has been drained/removed, the area heals very quickly. Thank you.