Can you help a dying chameleon?

Get a very small needle and run 1 cc of saline solution under his skin every 2 hours. If he survives the next 4 days, get him to the vet. He is very likely to die in the next 24 hours and the vet would most likely just try saline to start with. They take a long time to get that sick and a long time to come back.

What does it mean when your cat can’t move his back legs?

Saddle thrombus is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition that requires immediate veterinary attention. It usually comes on suddenly: Your cat begins to howl or pant and can’t seem to move one or both of his back legs.

What happens when a senior Cat loses control of its legs?

Senior cats often experience problems with their legs. In fact, the rear legs are usually the first part of a cat’s body to become compromised. When a cat loses control of its rear legs, it will struggle to perform crucial everyday activities. Your cat will be less mobile and unable to jump as high.

Why is my Shitz Tzu walking funny on her hind legs?

Just had the same thing happen to my Shitz Tzu, Found out that at 8 years old, her spinal disks have become brittle. She took a two stair tumble chasing our other dog and the next day was walking funny.After a couple of days she could barely walk on her hind legs. Most likely diagnoses is a pinched nerve in the spine.

Why does my Chameleon walk on one leg?

Limping is often a sign of traumatic injury although an underlying health problem may be involved. Limping or fractures of the bones can be facilitated by low calcium levels or gout. If your chameleon is having trouble walking due to an injured leg or if the limping does not resolve on its own over a few days a reptile vet should be consulted.

Why does my Chameleon get abrasions on his feet?

On non-screen cages, such as those made with chicken wire, chameleons may get abrasions from crawling on such materials. If the cage stays too moist, especially on the branches, a pododermatitis (skin infection of the feet) may form.

What are the signs of a chameleon with MBD?

Signs of MBD include stunted growth, bent leg bones, fractures, double elbows or knees, grabbing at its own legs or head, decreased tongue usage, a soft jaw and the mouth not aligning or closing all the way. This is a very painful disease and if left unchecked will eventually kill the chameleon.

Can a captive Chameleon tear its toenails off?

Captive chameleons can tear their nails on the screening of cages sometimes as well. The toenails usually do not grow back but often do not cause any long term damage. If the area around the missing toenail is swollen or has discharge then an infection may be present.

Why do chameleons shake when walking?

When your chameleon is shaking while it walks, it’s most likely that there is nothing to worry about. Chameleons just kind of do that normally because they’re trying to move stealthily. That doesn’t mean that all of the shaking or swaying is completely normal, though.