Can you keep a male and female rabbit in the same cage?

Can you keep a male and female rabbit in the same cage?

If you’re a new rabbit owner or looking to get a companion for your rabbit you may be curious. Well, luckily for you the answer is yes, mixing male and female rabbits is a great idea.

Will a male rabbit hurt a female rabbit?

Deadly fights between two female rabbits are far less common. Factors that increase the risk of fights include, one rabbit being a larger breed, one rabbit being younger, or one rabbit being older. In the wild, a buck rabbit (male) will fight for the right to breed with a doe (female).

Does gender matter bonding rabbits?

If you adopt your rabbits at a young age or get them already paired together, it doesn’t matter what sex they are because they are likely to bond with ease. They may even be bonded when you adopt them.

Can a female rabbit live with a male rabbit?

Female rabbits are less likely to display the same territorial dominance as males. However, female rabbits can become aggressive when housed in a same-sex pairing. Age also plays a role in housing compatible rabbits. Older rabbits prefer companions of a similar age.

What happens when a female rabbit mounts a male rabbit?

If a female mounts a male rabbit, she is displaying dominance. On the downside, females can be more territorial and like to dig holes because this is what they do in the wild.

Why are female rabbits more aggressive than male rabbits?

AnimalWised offers more information. Female rabbits suffer most from reproductive hormones. They will become extremely territorial and aggressive, rejecting any kind of company. The only exception is if an intact male initiates mating. Even once that is done, however, the female will grow aggressive toward the male.

How many babies can a female bunny have?

A pregnant bunny means you end up with tons of baby rabbits. A doe may have one rabbit, but that’s rare. Much more likely, you’ll end up with at least six rabbits. Sometimes, female rabbits can have up to 14 babies in a single litter. You then have a choice to make. You could keep the babies and raise them yourself.