Can you keep Robo hamsters alone?

Robo hamsters are perfectly fine living alone and while you need to give it a little bit more attention, this is the easiest solution. Like other hamsters, Robo’s are creatures of habit so if they are used to being housed alone, they won’t like another hamster introduced to their environment.

Do robo hamsters need to be in pairs?

Roborovski Hamsters are highly active, very social creatures, and in captivity should be kept in pairs or groups.

Can you keep a dwarf hamster on its own?

Most Dwarf hamsters will enjoy company from members of their own species, but Syrian (and sometimes Chinese) hamsters must be kept alone. If kept together, these hamsters will get very stressed, even if they are housed in a large enclosure.

Are Robo hamsters good for beginners?

They are not a beginner pet, have special requirements and tend to live longer than the other species of hamsters. These hamsters do better in a quieter household with no predatory animals (e.g. cats).

What do you need to know about Roborovski dwarf hamster?

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are amazing little animals that are full of personality. Robos have become increasingly popular in the pet trade, with more and more families bringing these shy creatures home to look after. The guide below will cover everything you need to know about Roborovski hamster care, as well as key Robo hamster facts.

How much does a Robo dwarf hamster cost?

Since the demand for these adorable creatures isn’t that great, they do not cost much at all. In fact, most Roborovski dwarf hamster prices play around $15. You should know that with these hamsters, the smaller they are, the pricier they get.

Where does the Robo hamster come from in the wild?

Where Does The Robo Hamster Come From? Roborovski hamsters were originally found in the deserts of Asia, including parts of Russia. They have since been domesticated and are available in pet stores across the world! The Roborovski was named after the person who first started collecting them from the wild.

How often should you feed a Robo dwarf hamster?

Provide for them toys or a few items to chew on like toilet paper tubes because they love all sorts of activities. Chewing can also help wear down your hamster’s teeth which can get quite long when left unchecked. Feeding a Roborovski dwarf hamster should be done at least twice a day.

What should I do with my Robo dwarf hamster?

Your Robo dwarf hamster will have bundles and bundles of energy. A large part of how you can care for your hamster is to make sure he has lots of space to run around, burrow and climb. We’ll add some links to some great toys towards the end of this article.

How long do Roborovski hamsters live in captivity?

In captivity, Roborovski hamster lifespan is an average of three years. Some have lived up to four years. This is slightly longer than the average for other pet hamster breeds. Baby Robo hamsters are weaned at about 19 days, and hamsters become sexually active at 4.5 months or so.

Is it OK to keep two Russian dwarf hamsters together?

After a couple of days it became worse and they were separated into their own cages. If you do decided to keep two hamsters together, most pet stores & vets would recommend to keep Russian dwarfs together as they are known to be the sociable and able to live in pairs under certain circumstances.

What kind of toilet does a robo hamster use?

Robo hamsters are scrupulously clean and perform elaborate toilets. Like all hamsters, they have cheek pouches where they store their food. These little cuties are the smallest of the dwarf hamsters.

How many robo Dwarf hamsters should I get?

You can keep 2-3 males together or 2-3 females together without issue as long as they’re introduced young. If you keep a male and female together they will breed, fight and the female will dominate, attack and possible even kill the male in some more extreme cases. Female hamsters are very dominant.