Can you keep two male ferrets together?

Ferrets can be kept in same-sex pairs or a male and female. Whichever pairing you go for, you will need to have them all neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Ferrets will also happily live in groups – these can also be mixed sexes.

Can you put 2 ferrets together?

Yes, you can put two ferrets together. You can even put more than two ferrets together. Ferrets are social animals and they love company. That is why there are so many pictures of ferrets cuddling next to each other online.

What happens to a ferret after it is neutered?

Most ferrets are sold fixed already – and for good reason. Male ferrets become aggressive after maturity and will even attack female ferrets while mating. Additionally, male ferrets produce a musky scent that is greatly reduced after becoming neutered. Failing to spay your female ferret can lead to premature death.

Do you have to have a male or female ferret?

You should keep in mind that no matter which gender you choose, male or female both need de-sexing. This is merely for health reasons and it greatly reduces the chances of tantrums or behavioral issues of the ferret. This article discusses subtle differences that will help you make an informed decision regarding which gender to keep as a pet.

Is it possible to keep two ferrets together?

Ferrets are non-traditional pets; it’s not so easy to keep them together. There are some facts you should be known before doing this adventure. Fighting for dominance is normal when introducing ferrets to each other. So, you should be careful until they accept each other.

What’s the best way to take care of a ferret?

Additionally, male ferrets are known to urinate on themselves to attract females for mating purposes. You can help reduce odors with daily litter cleaning and maintaining your ferret’s health: healthy diet, regular ear cleaning, and checking for signs of gum disease.

What happens if a male Ferret doesn’t mate?

Also, if they don’t mate, they can develop a serious condition called aplastic anemia. On the other hand, male ferrets reach maturity a bit later than females, at around 10 months or so. But once they do, the boys can become extremely aggressive and territorial towards other animals and people.

What kind of implants can you put on a ferret?

Suprelorin implants are placed under the skin by a veterinarian while the ferret is sedated. These implants will stop the female from having a cycle and will also prevent the male from being able to impregnate the female. However, these implants are only licensed for use in females.

How old do ferrets have to be to be neutered?

This lasts 16 months, and means he will be unable to impregnate any females in this time. This will also reduce the smell of your male ferret. Surgical neutering in ferrets can be done in any ferret over 3 months old. In jills it is most often done just before their first breeding season.

Is there any way to prevent ferrets from impregnating females?

They are given as a slow release implant, and prevent males being able to impregnate females. This product can also be used off-licence in female ferrets to prevent cycling. The implant will also reduce the smell from both male and female ferrets, although this benefit can take over three months to develop.