Can you put lovebirds and parakeets together?

Lovebirds Can Be Belligerent Even if you get a young lovebird and raise him alongside a young parakeet, it’s no guarantee that they’ll get along all their lives. It’s best either to keep two lovebirds together or just keep one, but don’t cage lovebirds with other birds.

Can parakeets mate with brother?

Usually, mating between budgie siblings or mating between male and daughter or female and son happens when they are kept in a single cage till the period of maturity. Males can court with their sisters and daughters while female budgies, sometimes, can try to mate with their brothers and sons.

What happens if lovebird siblings mate?

Lovebirds are called lovebirds for a reason…they are sort of prolific breeders and don’t really care if they’re related to each other….but if they are male and female and related, should not be allowed to lay eggs or raise young. Having such similar genetics can cause genetic defects in babies.

What happens if you pair two lovebirds together?

This “vicious” idea of intruducing lovebirds to one another is stupid. If you pair up two birds who do not know one another in a cage, of course they are going to disagree and fight. The prior resident bird is going to defend his food and territory and the newbie has no choice except to fight to survive.

How long does it take for a lovebird to mate?

We had one handfed young female lovebird first, waited 4 months, then we got a young male. They are not a bonded pair, but they accept each other as part of our flock. They mate from time to time in a ‘let’s get it over with’ kinda fashion, but no cuddling, not preening, no love.

How old do lovebirds have to be to pair?

Mine is still young he’s about 4mos old. Also will he stop being tame if I give him a buddy? and how do you pair them together in a cage without them fighting/like getting use to them? We had one handfed young female lovebird first, waited 4 months, then we got a young male.

What’s the best way to pair two birds together?

Set the two birds side by side. Let them get to know one another through the bars. Then let them out at the same time and give them opportunites to interact. Within 30 to 60 days they will either bond or just decide to be friends from afar. For me, this has never failed.

Can budgies and lovebirds play together?

Can budgies and lovebirds live together? No, budgies and lovebirds should not live together. Due to their innate aggressive temperament lovebirds pose a danger to other birds, often biting or attacking them with their large strong beaks, causing serious injure or death.