Do Beardies eat their babies?

In fact, if the mother encounters her hatchlings, she might try to eat them. In captivity you must incubate bearded dragon eggs in order for them to hatch successfully.

What is the mating behavior of a bearded dragon?

During this time, Bearded dragons will show the typical, what looks like aggressive, mating behaviour towards their mates and keepers. During the mating season, a breeding pair will show much more interests towards each other, especially the male towards females.

How long does it take a bearded dragon to get pregnant?

After mating, male bearded dragon’s hemipene will take some time to go back in. Check on him few hours after mating, and if his hemipene is still out, take him to the vet. If mating between two bearded dragons was successful, female bearded dragon will become pregnant (gravid).

Can a male bearded dragon live with a female bearded dragon?

Typically, your male and female bearded dragons won’t be living together, however, it is important that you provide the right type of environment for them when they are ready to mate. Make sure that the enclosure is large enough for both of your dragons.

Where does a bearded dragon lay its eggs?

Thompson and Thompson (2003) recorded the wild Western Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor) creating test holes around 10 cm deep and then laid their eggs in burrows 20 cm deep. Pianka (date unknown) recorded similar with female bearded dragons laying eggs in open sandy areas at around 15-20 cm deep.

How do you breed bearded dragons?

Place your bearded dragons in the breeding enclosure. Your dragons probably will not mate right away, and will need some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Making this enclosure ready for them beforehand will get them more comfortable. When the male is ready to breed, his beard will darken to black.

When is bearded dragon breeding season?

The Act of Breeding. Wild Bearded Dragons have a breeding season; the spring. Captive Bearded Dragons can breed all year round. However, many breeders choose to breed in the spring anyway if their animals undergo a full brumation.

When do bearded dragons mate?

In their native habitat of Australia, yes. Bearded dragons mate in the spring after waking up from a nice relaxing brumation. However, in captivity, bearded dragons can essentially mate at any time of the year.

What are the characteristics of a male bearded dragon?

Bearded Dragon Characteristics It is a friendly lizard and can respond to human body language. It bobs its head up and down to show its dominance. Males are longer than the females and have different beards. They shed a lot of skin especially while growing. They have quite sharp claws which need to be cut in order to prevent unnecessary scratching while handling.