Do egg-eating snakes eat their own eggs?

Many species of snakes eat eggs, as part of their natural diet. You may wonder if snakes eat their own eggs, too. Although it’s uncommon, this has been known to happen, especially in captivity. Snakes don’t usually eat their own eggs.

How is it possible that an egg eater snake can swallow a whole egg?

By opening their mouths wide, they can consume even large eggs, just like they consume large rodents, birds, or lizards.

How long does it take for a snake to digest a chicken egg?

I’ve never fed eggs to snakes and don’t know how long it will take to digest but a normal meal of a chick or rodent will digest in about 4 days and the snake will eat again when it can move around freely. Wild snakes probably eat no more than once a week if they are lucky.

How big does a snake have to be to eat an egg?

The average size of an egg-eating snake is 24 to 30 inches.

How does an egg eating snake lay its eggs?

Egg-eating snakes are oviparous and so lay eggs. Each egg is laid in a separate place. Egg-eating snakes won’t eat their own eggs but it’s a good idea to remove them from the vivarium anyway and keep them separately. The mother snake won’t nest or look after her eggs and doesn’t have any maternal instinct.

How often should you feed an egg eating snake?

This may result in it eating a few eggs each week. You would then enforce a “wet season” during which time you wouldn’t feed your snake at all. An alternative method is to feed your snake one egg each week, although bear in mind that these snakes can last for months without eating at all and adult snakes will eat less often than young snakes.

Is the African egg eating snake a threat?

African egg-eating snakes are calm, docile creatures. Like all wild snakes, they may be flighty and nervous, to begin with. However, with regular handling, they come to realize that you’re not a threat. They aren’t aggressive and will rarely strike as they don’t have any teeth. How to Care for Egg-Eating Snakes! – YouTube

How can a snake tell how old an egg is?

With a flick of their tongue, they can sense the egg and can smell exactly how old the embryo is within that egg. They do not like eating an egg that has a small bird inside of it so will ignore those eggs and only eat the fresh ones. – Egg Eating Snake Facts WHAT IS THE EGG EATER NATURAL DEFENSE?

Is an African egg eating snake the right pet snake for You?

The African egg-eater snake makes a very good pet for snake lovers. It is docile and doesn’t have teeth to bite you. Once it gets used to you, it is easy to handle. Creating housing for your egg-eater snake varies, depending on your style and budget.

Are egg-eating snakes good pets?

If you wish to keep an egg-eating snake as a pet, it’s crucial that you do your research first and ensure that you can source the right size of eggs for them. If you can do this and are happy to have a nocturnal pet, African egg-eating snakes can make excellent , albeit rather unusual, pets.

Do snakes eat eggs whole or in parts?

Snakes will eat eggs whole , so they leave no trace. Many of the other animals on the lists above will carry the eggs off so you may not find any evidence of an eaten egg. A hatched bird egg will have the top completely missing and it will be fairly obvious the opening was big enough for the baby bird to get out.

Are snake eggs like hen eggs?

No , snake eggs do not look like chicken eggs. In fact, snake eggs do not look at all like the eggs of any animal that uses its body to heat the eggs while they are incubating. Chicken eggs and other bird eggs have hard shells because their mothers or fathers sit on them until they are ready to hatch.