Do guinea pigs have night visions?

It is likely that guinea pigs will be able to see some extent in the dark, but how much night vision they have is a matter of speculation. And with their other senses and excellent memory, they have a lot of sensations to support them get around.

Are guinea pigs eyes sensitive?

Due to their lighter color and eye color, albino guinea pigs are more sensitive to light than their buddies. So, if you expose them to sunlight for a long time, they tend to get stressed out, making them uncomfortable.

When to worry about your guinea pig’s eyes?

If your guinea pig is unwell, it will definitely show through his eyes. If they appear to be excessively watery, crusty, or cloudy, you should be on the alert. If his eyes protrude a little more than they normally do or if they appear to be receding, his health could be off. Ulcerated eyes most definitely are a warning sign.

What kind of eyes does a guinea pig have?

Eye-Cue. Your guinea pig’s eyes are small and round, slightly raised within the frame of his face. Even when he is asleep, his eyes will be open. You will notice that a milky fluid is produced from his eyes. When he is grooming himself, he rubs that fluid into his fur.

How to treat eye infections and problems in guinea pigs?

The pain from the ulcer may cause your guinea pig to stop eating and then even develop ileus. Corneal ulcers can be treated with special prescription eye ointments from your exotics vet. Some of these ointments are antibiotics and some are made specifically to heal ulcers.

How can you tell if a guinea pig has a corneal ulcer?

A corneal ulcer is a defect in the layer of your guinea pig’s eye known as the cornea and it is painful. You may be able to see a bit of cloudiness or redness in the eye. It’s more likely that your guinea pig may paw at it, keep it closed, or even rub it on the ground to signal that they have a problem.