Do guinea pigs have teeth problems?

Signs that your guinea pig is having tooth problems include lowered appetite and hence stools, mouth sensitivity, redness of the gums, and long teeth. Almost always the cheek teeth are also affected. Greencross Vets recommend that you regularly check your guinea pigs’ teeth.

Can a guinea pig get a broken tooth?

This is because guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth that keep growing throughout their lifetimes. However, broken teeth aren’t completely harmless for guinea pigs. If the edge of the broken tooth is jagged and sharp, it may cut your pig’s delicate oral tissues, leading to sores or even infections.

What kind of teeth does a guinea pig have?

Both problems, however, are referred to as dental disease. Guinea pigs have two long slender incisors at the front of their mouth on both their upper and lower jaws, as well as four ‘cheek’ teeth (one premolar and three molars) on each occlusal surface at their back of their mouth. In between these areas is a little gap called the diastema.

How to trim guinea pig’s teeth at home?

Ways In Trimming Guinea Pig Teeth At Home 1 Step #1. Clipping. You could reduce the length of your pet’s tooth by clipping. 2 Step #2. Wearing down. If you can’t trim their teeth confidently, this second option might be the best one for you (you can find here what does it mean when 3 Step #3. Seeking veterinary help. …

What should I do if my guinea pig has dental disease?

Your vet will generally use a specialised speculum or otoscope to look inside your guinea pig’s mouth. In some cases, dental disease is not always obvious during an intraoral exam, and in these cases, radiographs (x-rays), CT, or an examination under general anaesthesia may be recommended.

Why do you need to trim a guinea pig’s teeth?

Whether it’s a molar, premolar, or incisor, their teeth quickly elongate. This is because every tooth of a guinea pig is open-rooted. Trimming a guinea pig’s teeth is required, especially for the four main ones (upper and lower incisors) in the front that are easily seen when its mouth is opened.

What can you do for a guinea pig with malocclusion of teeth?

Some guinea pigs have responded very favorably to a new treatment using a flexible jaw sling to hold the jaw in position keeping the upper and lower back teeth in contact with each other.

How often should I take my guinea pig to the vet?

Visit your vet regularly for teeth filings. You should take your guinea pig in every 4 to 8 weeks to have their teeth filed by a vet. If your pig has enough toys to play with and a proper diet, you might be able to extend the time between visits, but always ask your vet how often they want to see your pig.

Do you have to give a guinea pig an anesthetic?

Make sure your guinea pig gets anesthetic. Your guinea pig will need an anesthetic so your vet can file their teeth without your piggy resisting. Guinea pigs don’t vomit, so you don’t need to withhold water or food from your piggy before getting the procedure done.