Do red merle Aussies have blue eyes?

Red merle Aussies may have solid colored eyes, but frequently the eyes will be “marbled” or flecked with other colors. So a red merle Aussie could have blue eyes marbled with brown, or vice versa. It could also have a blue eye and a brown eye.

Is there such a thing as a red merle Australian Shepherd?

The red merle coat is incredibly eye-catching, and there are actually multiple variations of this coat that you may find in this breed! Some red merle Australian Shepherds are various shades of red all over with only minimal white spotting. However, it is possible for red merle Aussies to also exhibit tan points or significant white patches of fur.

What are the different colors of Australian Shepherds?

Red Merle Australian Shepherds The red merle Australian Shepherd color group comes with three different versions. These variations include: red merle tri color, red merle and white, and solid red merle. They’re just as exotic-looking as their blue merle counterparts, except with a different color merle effect.

What are the colors of an Aussie Blue Merle?

The spots can vary in both shape and size, but are always over a gray background. The blue merle is overlapped with markings of white and copper around the face, legs, chest and belly. Thus, forming a tri-colored blue merle Australian Shepherd. 2. Blue Merle and White Aussie

What kind of pigmentation does an Australian Shepherd have?

Strong pigmentation means that the nose leather is fully black on a black tri or blue merle Aussie, and fully liver on a red tri or red merle.

What is a good name for an Australian Shepherd?

Best names for female and male Australian Shepherds with meanings Mince. Ace – always the first! Mowgli. Milan – Slavicname meaning kind/loving. Mocha Bear. Chubbs – This is a name well suited for a slightly short, fat puppy; perhaps not suited for a hardworking Aussie. Marble Pepper Piper Nugget Toffee Almond Dutch

Do Australian Shepherds like other dogs?

Yes Australian Shepherds do great with most other dogs large and small. Especially at meetups like the dog park. Your Aussie will run around and keep up with any dog out there. And usually will outlast that dog as well which makes it a great fit for all dogs and multiple dogs at once.

Why do Australian Shepherds have blue eyes?

Australian Shepherds have blue eyes due to a condition called heterochromia. Heterochromia happens when there is a lack or excess of melanin (pigment) in the iris. Dogs with blue eyes will consequently have a lack of melanin in their iris.

How many puppies can an Australian Shepherd have?

Aussies like to herd whenever they can so if you are running with your Aussie expect to be herded. The average number of puppies for an Australian Shepherd litter is seven but it can range from six to nine puppies.