Do reptiles need to go to the vet?

Do reptiles need to go to the vet?

By Rick Axelson, DVM. Many reptile owners are surprised to learn that all pets, including their reptiles, need an initial visit by a reptile veterinarian and at least an annual checkup. Regular veterinary care is necessary in order to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life.

Should I take my lizard to the vet?

You’ll need to bring your cute dinosaur in to the vet for regular checkups. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any signs of illness in your pet. Do you have questions about caring for a bearded dragon? Please feel free to contact us, your Moorpark, CA animal clinic, anytime!

How often do you take your bearded dragon to the vet?

Wow, you’d think this would be a straightforward question with a clear and specific answer! There are 4 times a bearded dragon should see a vet. New bearded dragons should be seen within the first week of ownership. Yearly exams are needed to check for parasites and general health.

How often should you take your beardie to the vet?

Is the beard vet balm good for Beard?

When you choose BEARD VET beard oil and balm, you are not just getting a cosmetic ointment, you are getting a product that is healthy and beneficial for your skin and beard. As you grow your beard you will be able to relate to this; if you ever stop shaving for a few weeks – you might experience the infamous beard itch!

What to do if your bearded dragon is sick?

Illness and disease will change the behaviour and appearance of your bearded dragon. A sick bearded dragon will exhibit some similar signs to a dying bearded dragon and if left untreated in most cases will eventually die. If you’re in any doubt or think your bearded dragon is sick get them to a specialised vet or herpetologist.

How often should I give my bearded dragon a bath?

A good way to provide water is to spray mist their salad. You should be giving your pet bearded dragon a bath once a week, your dragon is apt to grab a drink there as well. A good bearded dragon habitat should be no smaller than 75 gallons, depending on the size of your bearded dragon.

How long can a bearded dragon live in sand?

When discussing bearded dragon facts, this can be a bit of a controversy surrounding the sand issue. The argument for sand comes from the fact that sand is closely related to a bearded dragon’s natural substrate -apparently that of loose dirt. The reality is a bearded dragon in the wild doesn’t have a great chance of living beyond one year.