Does my ball python have a respiratory infection?

Does my ball python have a respiratory infection?

Snakes with respiratory infections may have excess mucus in their mouths, nasal discharge, lethargy, loss of appetite, wheezing, and may make ‘gurgling’ sounds or open mouth breathe.

What causes mouth rot in Ball Pythons?

Typically, mouth rot develops when stress weakens a reptile’s immune system and allows bacteria in the mouth to grow unchecked. This condition can cause your reptile to have reddened oral tissues, a loss of appetite, pus or dead tissue in the mouth, and drainage from the nose and mouth.

Can a ball python have a respiratory infection?

Ball pythons 6 and 7 had acute onset of respiratory signs over a 2- to 3-day period characterized by an increase in respiratory rate and effort. There also was elevation of the cranial third of the snake’s body (from the ground), ultimately resulting in opisthotonos (stargazing).

Why does my Burmese python have a respiratory infection?

Some reptiles may exhibit signs of respiratory infection as a signal to you that they have been handled enough or want (or need) to be put down. My female Burmese python would start dripping saliva from her mouth in copious amounts when she’d decided she had had enough out and handling time at education events.

Is there an infection in ball pythons in Colorado?

Dr. Dayna Willems said there is no treatment for the respiratory infection. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) AURORA, Colo. — A deadly respiratory infection, Nidovirus, that affects mostly ball pythons was found in Colorado.

What should the humidity level be for a ball python?

Moreover, the optimum ball python humidity level should be between 50% to 60%. Ball pythons, just like all other reptiles, are sensitive to temperature. Moreover, they are an ectothermic animal, meaning they maintain their body temperature by exchanging heat with different objects surrounding its body.

How to tell if a ball python has a respiratory infection?

Respiratory Infection 1 Symptoms 2 Cause 3 Treatment. If you suspect that you have a ball python respiratory infection (RI) on your hands, make sure that the enclosure is warm enough and has the right humidity levels. 4 More ball python health topics:

Is it possible for a ball python to get sick?

Like any pet, ball pythons (royal pythons) can get sick. There are many signs that your snake isn’t feeling too well, and it’s crucial that you learn about them so that you can keep your snake healthy and contented.

What kind of virus does a ball python have?

There are several well known viruses that affect commonly-kept pet species such as ball pythons ( Python regius ), Burmese pythons ( Python bivittatus ), and red-tailed boa constrictors ( Boa constrictor imperator ), as well as various zoological specimens.

How can you tell if a ball python has mouth rot?

You can tell that a ball python has mouth rot because of the following: Their mouth will smell particularly unpleasant, because of the infection. The inside of their mouth, especially around the wound, will appear pink or red. The wound may be ‘weeping,’ i.e., oozing pus.