How big are the Dachshund puppies at Ananzi?

Our sweet francesca (miniature smooth black & tan silver dapple dachshund at 5.5 kg’s) and our handsome stud leondardo (miniature smooth tan with sabling… We have male & female dapple dachshund puppies looking for their forever homes.

Is it easy to raise a dachshund puppy?

Raising a new Dachshund puppy is a cherished experience that goes by in a flash. Although, many doxie parents would agree that puppyhood can have it’s challenges and frustrations. Don’t worry friends, I’ve got you covered!

How old are the Dachshund puppies in Gauteng?

Stunning miniature dachshund girl has given birth to 4 girls, 3 black and tan and 1 shaded red, mum is our family pet, pups are raised in our home so will be… 4 miniature dachshunds (male & female) 8 weeks old.We have four beautiful litte puppies for salemum and dad are very well natured dogs.All puppies are bought up…

What kind of dachshund are Peter and Nancy?

Peter and Nancy are standard Dachshunds and after dreaming of adding one to our world since I was a little girl, it was decided that we would bring ONE home to us once we moved into our first house together. Little did I know that we’d actually end up with two standard Dachshunds but my goodness was it the best decision ever!

Is it better to have one dachshund or two?

Dachshunds are pack animals that like having a companion, but it may be better to introduce a second dog once one’s already settled. Read on to find out how hard it is to look after two dachshunds, whether they need buddies, what you’ll need to buy, what the good and bad points of having two are, and whether they’ll fight with each other.

Are there any mini dachshund puppies for sale?

Mini dachshund puppies for sale: Hula is a beautiful sable piebald girl. She is soft and playful. She is always ready to curl up to a great movie and snuggle up right next to you. Hula will be sure to come home to you happy, healthy, and full of kisses just for you.

How old do you have to be to have a female dachshund?

Male and female dachshunds (with an age gap of at least 8-12 months) also do well in packs, but you need to think about how that’ll work. For obvious reasons, it’s more difficult having an ‘entire male’ in the same home as a ‘female in season’.

What do I need for a dachshund puppy?

Each Dachshund Puppy will arrive with a puppy kit. It will include a sample of puppy food, a detailed health record, which will show the shots and worming they have had and will need in the future, information about NuVet vitamins, which they will have already started on when they leave to go to their new home, and their AKC registration paperwork.