How big does a rat terrier get?

How big does a rat terrier get?

Rat Terrier

height 10–18 inches
weight 10–25 pounds
life span 12–18 years
breed size small (0-25 lbs.)
good with children seniors dogs families

What should I do with my Rat Terrier?

Some Rat Terriers can get sufficient exercise for their needs through indoor playtime, but most will thrive with daily walks and a bit of tennis-ball-chasing and other play in a fenced enclosure. They tend to do well with other dogs their size or larger. Early socialization is a must, and puppy training classes are recommended.

How often should you feed a Rat Terrier?

Feed your dog twice a day rather than leaving the food out all day long. The Rat Terrier is quite intelligent, but is also stubborn. The Rat Terrier is quite intelligent, but is also stubborn.

When did the Rat Terrier come to America?

Rat Terriers made their way to the United States with English immigrants in the 1890s, where it once again worked on farms. From 1910 through the 1930s, the Rat Terrier was one of the most common farm dogs, as it was used for ratting, hunting varmints and other important work.

Is it OK to let a Rat Terrier off lead?

The Rat Terrier has a strong prey drive, and they should never be allowed off lead, as most will not be able to resist the urge to chase when faced with a strange cat or squirrel. The Rat Terrier is extremely intelligent and trainable, although some can be stubborn and determined at times.

How old do Rat Terriers have to be before they can eat Kibble?

Rat Terrier puppies generally begin the weaning process between weeks 5 and 6 of age. Keep in mind that dogs need to have incisors and molars before they’ll be able to eat kibble—so it’s incredibly important to keep the puppy on its mother’s milk (if at all possible) before this process can be completed.

Where can I find a Rat Terrier for adoption?

Chloe – Rat Terrier (short coat) Dog For Adoption Posted Breed: Rat Terrier (short coat). 2 year old 10 lb female Rat Terrier If you are interested in adopting SUBMIT AN APPLICATION at .gadr Please be patient as we are… View more… Rat Terrier Dog for Adoption near California, Pacific Grove, USA.

How old is Mia the Rat Terrier for adoption?

Mia (MI) – Rat Terrier (short coat) Dog For Adoption Posted Breed: Rat Terrier (short coat). Beautiful Miss Mia is a spunky, athletic young terrier, who loves to play. At 5 1/2 years old, she has the maturity and training of an…

How old should a Rat Terrier be before he can go on his own?

Despite his small size, this dog needs plenty of training and exercise, plus a dog-proofed home, to keep him out of trouble. If your Rat Terrier is less than two years old, you can’t expect to leave him on his own in the house.