How big of a pen do you need for a rabbit?

As 1 example, you can create an exercise pen (or “rabbit run”) for your bunny to use daily out of wooden framing, rabbit fencing, and a plywood top and bottom. It should be at least 8 by 2.75 by 2.75 feet (2.44 by 0.84 by 0.84 m) to give your rabbit enough room to run and hop about.

What should be the size of a rabbit hutch?

Ideally you’d provide the living and exercise space as one large area, or two areas your rabbit can move between freely, for example a cage attached to a pen or a hutch linked with a tunnel or ramp to a secure exercise run.

How big of a cage do you need for a rabbit?

The minimum recommended exercise space is 32 square feet (e.g. 8’x4′). As with the living space, your rabbit will need to be able to stand up fully. Although not compulsory, it also helps to add a little extra height to allow for jumping and for objects to stand jump/stand on.

How big of a run do you need for a rabbit?

Your rabbit should have daily access to a run where it can run and jump. The run should be as large as possible to allow your rabbit to stretch upwards to full height and to run, as opposed to just hop.

What kind of pen do you need for a rabbit?

These rabbits will benefit from the use of dog pens, such as the MidWest exercise pen. These pens are large enough to allow the rabbit to move about freely while being in a safe environment. Even better, two pens can often be hooked together, allowing even larger spaces to be created (although models do vary).

How big does an outdoor rabbit run need to be?

The Outdoor Rabbit Run is extendable, so you can make it as large and spacious a rabbit pen as you like! The hi-rise run is comfortably large enough for you to walk inside An Outdoor Rabbit Run provides your pet bunnies with lots of safe outdoor exercise space.

Is there warranty on x pen for rabbits?

The box offers 4 metal thumb clips, 8 ground anchors for outdoor use, 8 corner stabilizers and has the support of the amazon basics with a 1 year of limited warranty. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

How big should an exercise pen be for a bunny?

In some cases it is not practical to bunny proof all of your house, or if you need to keep the bunny separated from other animals or any number other reasons, a X-Pen (exerciser pen) is a common solution. The standard pen is made of 8 panels 2 feet long.