How can I export my dog from UAE?

To export your pet from the UAE, the basic requirements are an export permit that will be examined at Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah international airports, a valid rabies vaccination between one year and 30 days prior to export, proof your pet has been microchipped; a crate that meets International Air Transport …

How can I export my pets from UAE?

  1. You must obtain a valid UAE Export Permit (Ministry Health Certificate) for your pet – this is required to book your pet’s flight, to leave the UAE, and must be provided on arrival in the country of destination.
  2. Vaccine certificates – original copies are required.

How do I export my dog?

Requirements for export of pet (Dog and cat) out of India

  1. The pet for examination by the officer.
  2. Veterinary health certificate (Fit to fly by road/Air/Train) from any Local Registered Veterinarian.
  3. Microchip Certificate.
  4. Last one year vaccination details of the pet.
  5. Passport copy of the owner.

How do I export my dog from Indonesia?

Exporting Pets Living in Indonesia To leave Indonesia, dogs and cats must have a recommendation letter from the Department of Livestock, an export permit issued from the Ministry of Agriculture as well as proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to export.

How can I bring my dog to UAE?

Regulations for Importing Pets to the United Arab Emirates

  1. Microchip.
  2. Rabies Vaccination and Certificate.
  3. Rabies Antibody Titer Test.
  4. Additional Vaccines.
  5. Import Permit.
  6. APHIS Form 7001.
  7. This form should be issued within 10 days of departure and your vet should have these in stock.
  8. Additional Details.

How much does it cost to fly a dog internationally Emirates?

Accompanied Pets

Weight (Travel Crate + Pet) Dimensions (Travel Crate) Price
Up to 23kg Up to 59in / 150cm $500 USD
Between 24-32kg Between 59in / 150cm and 118in / 300 cm $650 USD
Over 32kg Between 59in / 150cm and 118in / 300 cm $800 USD
N/A Over 118in / 300cm Cargo

Does Emirates allow pets in-cabin?

Animals are not permitted in the cabin of Emirates flights, with the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan, and Guide Dogs for the visually impaired – please see our information on Accessible travel.

Can you export dogs?

Take your pet from the United States to a foreign country (Export) Beginning July 14, 2021, the CDC is temporarily suspending (stopping) dog imports from countries classified as high-risk for rabies. The suspension includes U.S.-origin pet dogs returning to the U.S. from any high-risk rabies country.

Can I move my dog to Bali?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your pet from the US to Bali. At this time, there is an ongoing issue with rabies that has led to a banning of outside pets from non-rabies free countries, including the US.

How much does it cost to bring a dog to UAE?

The service charges for UAE pet permit are: AED 200 per dog/cat import permit. AED 500 per dog for a request to release. AED 250 per cat for a request to release.

Is Emirates pet safe?

Pets Traveling as Excess Baggage Dogs, cats, falcons, and pet birds can travel as checked baggage in cargo as an addition to your own ticket. There are no limits to the number of pets allowed on your Emirates flight as checked baggage.

Can I fly with my dog to Dubai?

Your pet must travel to the UAE as manifested cargo. Cats and dogs must be identified with a microchip. The pet must be at least 15 weeks old at the time of import. Rabies vaccine (at least 21 days must elapse from vaccination before travel; the dog must be at least 12 weeks old at the time of vaccination)