How can I stimulate my bearded dragons appetite?

How can I stimulate my bearded dragons appetite?

Feeding with a stimulant will help if they begin to get weak or lose too much weight. The best stimulant is going to be Zilla appetite stimulant or Reptaid. Reptaid uses herbal extracts to help bearded dragons fight off parasites and viruses, but also works to stimulate their appetite and get them eating again.

Is it OK for a bearded dragon not to eat?

While these can influence the overall health of your bearded dragon, they can also take some getting used to. Even these are all still within the recommended guidelines, your bearded dragon might not eat for a bit until they get used to the change.

What makes a bearded dragon lose its appetite?

Environmental Change. Bearded dragons are also sensitive to seemingly “small” changes like changes in their food pattern, lighting, temperature or any number of things. If your dragon has suddenly lost their appetite think back to any recent changes you have made, this could be at the heart of it.

Why does a bearded dragon eat the substrate?

When your bearded dragon is going after food it’s actually rather easy for them to get a little substrate in their mouths as well. Expert Tip: Some bearded dragons will eat substrate on purpose. Fortunately, this is easy to notice which makes preventing it straightforward (we’ll touch on that in a later guide).

Why does a bearded dragon sleep at night?

Like humans, they are also diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day, and will sleep during the night. Bearded dragons also love to eat, which is why, as this article aims to explore, when a bearded dragon’s appetite becomes reduced, can become worrying for many owners.

Why is my bearded dragon not growing?

Lack of growth in bearded dragon is a result of insufficient lighting, bad feeding, diseases or parasites. Bearded dragons can get around 24 inches in length and they do not stay small just because they live in a small tank. Bearded dragons that are kept in a too small tank for too long will die eventually.

What do you do if your bearded dragon doesn’t eat?

Triple check to make sure that the temperature is optimal for your dragon, and that they’re getting what they need. It helps to leave your dragon’s lights on for at least two hours after their last meal to aid their digestion. Some Bearded Dragons will also refuse to eat in the morning if they aren’t warm enough yet.