How did Louis XII die?

Louis XII/Cause of death

This represented a final attempt to produce an heir to his throne, for despite two previous marriages the king had no living sons. Louis died on 1 January 1515, less than three months after he married Mary, reputedly worn out by his exertions in the bedchamber, but more likely from the effects of gout.

Who was Louis XII wife?

Mary Tudor, Queen of Francem. 1514–1515
Anne of Brittanym. 1499–1514Joan of France, Duchess of Berrym. 1476–1498
Louis XII/Wife

When did Louis XII die?

January 1, 1515
Louis XII/Date of death

Who drove Louis 12 away from Milan?

The French army retreated back to France, leaving Milan to the Swiss. The death of Julius in 1513 allowed Louis to make peace with the new pope, the Medici Leo X (reigned 1513–1521). When Anne died in January 1514, he secured peace with Henry VIII by marrying his sister Mary.

Who was king of France 1492?

Charles VIII
Charles VIII, called the Affable (French: l’Affable; 30 June 1470 – 7 April 1498), was King of France from 1483 to his death in 1498….Charles VIII of France.

Charles VIII
Regent Anne of France and Peter II, Duke of Bourbon (1483–1491)
Born 30 June 1470 Château d’Amboise, France

What was the symbol of Louis XII?

the porcupine
Abstract. Louis XII, king of France (r. 1498–1515), inherited the emblem of the porcupine from his grandfather and maintained its symbolism of invincibility to particular effect in the circumstances of the Italian wars and the reconquest of the Milanese.

When did Louis 12 become the king of France?

Louis XII, from 1465 to 1498 duc d’Orléans, also called (from 1506) Father of the People or French Père du Peuple, (born June 27, 1462, Blois, France—died January 1, 1515, Paris), king of France from 1498, noted for his disastrous Italian wars and for his domestic popularity.

Who becomes king of France after Charles?

Henry III
Charles IX of France

Charles IX
Predecessor Francis II
Successor Henry III
Regent Catherine de’ Medici (1560–1563)
Born 27 June 1550 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

What is the order of a porcupine?

North American Porcupine – Erethizon dorsatum