How do I get my picky corn snake to eat?

Another great way to trick a corn snake into eating is to tease it. Pick up the mouse by its end and handle the corn snake safelywith the other. Tap the corn snake’s nose with the mouse until it gets interested and bites onto the mouse. Then, gently put the corn snake down.

Why does my corn snake not eat mice?

Snakes won’t recognize thawed mice as food unless they can smell its odor. If you rush to thaw your mouse in hot water, the prey won’t have its scent. Without the odor, the corn snake won’t eat. If your snake is stressed out, it won’t eat either.

What kind of food does a baby corn snake eat?

Reasons why a baby corn snake might refuse food. Baby corn snakes will usually eat a baby mouse (pinkie) during their first ten days of life. They will then eat a pinkie every 4~5 days until they are large enough to move on to fluffs or fuzzies (large pinkies with hair).

What should I do if my corn snake won’t eat a pinkie?

A snake with this problem will need to soak in water or a very damp bedding for an hour or so, this will help them shed their remaining skin and then they should be happy to eat. 3. A baby corn snake should eat a pinkie every 4~5 days until they are big enough to eat fluffs.

How long can a corn snake live without eating?

With brumation, the corn snake’s body is naturally designed to live without eating for long periods of a couple of months. Even outside of brumation, adult corn snakes may go for up to 2 weeks without eating. Although they usually only eat every 7-10 days, they can stretch it longer if they’ve started shedding.

Why my snake won’t eat?

  • Beginning To Shed. Corn snakes will shed every few weeks when younger to every month when older.
  • Fed Too Recently. New owners don’t always believe the corn snake doesn’t need to be fed often.
  • real food.
  • Snake Is Too Cold.
  • Food Has No Odor.
  • High Anxiety.
  • Food Too Big.
  • Illness.

    What should my corn snake be eating?

    Corn Snake Food. The primary natural food of corn snakes is appropriately sized rodents. Some baby corn snakes also eat lizards or an occasional frog. Adult corn snakes may eat birds or their eggs. Do not offer crickets because corn snakes don’t recognize them as food.

    How often does your corn snake eat?

    Like all snakes, corn snakes are carnivorous and in the wild, they eat every few days . While most corn snakes eat small rodents, such as the white-footed mouse, they may also eat other reptiles or amphibians, or climb trees to find unguarded bird eggs.

    Why won t my snake eat?

    If your snake is comfy and happy, he or she is much more likely to eat. Another reason some snakes won’t eat is because they feel too stressed. This may also make them regurgitate food they’ve already eaten. One way to help with this is to provide a dark, quiet hiding space to make them feel safe and secure.