How do I know if my ball python has mites?

How do I know if my ball python has mites?


  1. Rubbing.
  2. Lethargy.
  3. Prolonged soaking.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Tiny black dots around eyes, ears & vent (cloaca)
  6. Tiny black dots on shed skin.
  7. Tiny black dots on hands after handling.
  8. Tiny black dots visible moving on the snake and/or enclosure walls.

Can you feel mites on a snake?

You may find mites crawling on your skin after handling your snake or anything in its cage. You may also feel one or more raised scales that can easily be detected by running your hand against the grain of your snake’s scales. Many infested snakes have trouble shedding.

How do I know if my reptiles have mites?

The most common signs are:

  1. Irritation and restlessness.
  2. Soaking in water excessively.
  3. Twitching head.
  4. Digging.
  5. Small moving dots (black or red) on the skin around eyes, nose, mouth, or under chin.
  6. Head weaving from side to side.
  7. Specks of black or red floating in water.

Can mites kill a ball python?

They can weaken the snake over time, making it prone to secondary infections, generalized ill health and even death due to severe infestation. Mites can cause dysecdysis (difficulty in shedding) as well.

Can snake mites live on humans?

Human Carriers Snake mites don’t affect humans in the same way that they affect snakes. They’ll crawl on your hands and even get in your clothes. This means you’re nothing more than a carrier.

How can I get rid of mites on my ball python?

Spray the entire enclosure inside and out, including all cage furniture. Focus on corners and crevices especially, as these are where mites tend to hide and lay their eggs. Also spray in a 2’ perimeter around the enclosure on the floor and/or shelving that holds the enclosure.

Can you tell if a ball python is normal?

There is a clear demarcation between normal and abnormal behavior in ball pythons. However, in many cases, some of these behaviors are so confusing that you can hardly tell if your snake is alright or not. As a keeper, your responsibility is to ensure that your snakes have good care.

Why do you need to know Ball Python Body Language?

The reason you need to understand ball pythons’ body language isn’t far-fetched. These behaviors play significant roles in letting you know what is going on with your snake. With this, you can provide your snake optimum care. Understanding these behaviors can make a huge difference between having a stressed python or being a good keeper.

What do ball pythons do when they are scared?

If you show outright fear, that will scare them too to be defensive. Ball pythons are generally docile and less temperamental. They aren’t known to defend themselves aggressively. However, if they feel frightened or threatened, they might want to strike a bite.