How do I know if my guinea pig wound is infected?

You may not see them easily and the only sign may be a little blood in their enclosure. If you feel carefully over your guinea pig’s body you may notice a scab. If the bite wound becomes infected, the guinea pig may be bothered by it and may scratch at it, causing further damage and inflammation.

What does it mean when a guinea pig has a runny eye?

Guinea pig watery eyes are often caused by injury, soreness, upper respiratory illness, dental issues, lack of hydration, diabetes, and waterfalls. It’s typically caused by Mycoplasma pulmonis in rodents and mice, and Bordetella bronchiseptica in guinea pigs. The animal may wheeze, have a runny or nasty nose.

Is it normal for a guinea pig to get sick?

While they are usually healthy animals, there are a number of diseases that commonly affect pet guinea pigs. By knowing what the most common illnesses are, you can be better prepared to monitor for signs and symptoms that your guinea pig may be getting sick.

When to get medical attention for a guinea pig?

Your guinea pig should receive immediate medical attention if you suspect ileus, so it can get a diagnosis and be prescribed the proper medications. Ileus can be caused secondarily by an underlying illness or stressor which, in turn, causes your guinea pig to stop eating.

Why is my guinea pig not eating anything?

Things as simple as moving the cage or introducing a new guinea pig, or an upper respiratory infection or ectoparasites like lice can stress your guinea pig out enough so that it doesn’t eat and develops ileus. Monitor food intake and be aware of how any changes may have impacted your pet.

What should I do if my guinea pig has skin problems?

Be aware before introducing any new guinea pigs if they seem to have any skin conditions. Before introducing food or bedding into the cage, make a habit of freezing it for a day. The extreme cold temperatures will kill off any potential parasites that may have been lurking in the packages. Spaying your female guinea pig is definitely recommended.