How do I know when my swordtail will give birth?

How do I know when my swordtail will give birth?

As her time nears, the bottom of her swollen belly will begin to appear slightly square and she’ll look light she might burst. A large dark spot will develop on each side of her body near the anus. That “gravid spot” is where you can see the uterus pressing against her abdominal wall.

How many babies do swordfish have?

A swordtail fish like other live-bearers can drop anywhere between 10–60+ babies. The average is about 30–35. The swordtail can get pregnant immediately after giving birth and will give birth again after a month.

How often do swordfish give birth?

Swordtail Fish are Livebearers This group gives birth to live fry. A female swordtail can produce offspring as often as every four weeks.

Do swordtails die after giving birth?

Old Age. The average lifespan of swordtails is 3-5 years. They mostly die due to illnesses and stress – old age is an unlikely cause of death is swordtails. The female swordfish die at the time of giving birth because the body is unable to handle the stress.

How do you take care of a swordtail?

Swordtail prefer very hard water from 12–30 dGH and an ideal water pH anywhere between 7.0 and 8.4. In general, they prefer moderately alkaline, hard water. Always take care that your water is properly filtrated. If you set your filtration system right, the water parameters will stay strong.

How long does it take for a swordtail fish to give birth?

According to experts, the second birth session can even take up to a half year after the first, and that can take place even without the presence of a mate. Swordtails can keep sperm cells inside their pouch and fertilize on their own over and over again. It is natural for this fish to eat their fry.

What’s the temperament of a swordtail Litte fish?

Swordtail Temperament / Behavior : The swordtail is a tough litte fish. They can take care of themselves when there are bigger fish in the tank. The males may become aggressive towards other males. Swordtail Breeding : They are livebearers, so it is fairly easy for them to breed.

How did the swordtail fish get its name?

People did not name them swordtails because they are excellent fighters. The name relates to one of their physical qualities. The male swordtail fish have an elongated tail fin (anal fin), known as the gonopodium or sword. In this article I will explain the growth stages of swordtail fish.

Can a swordtail fish be a peaceful fish?

They are exclusively peaceful tropical fish species. In fact, for any beginner, swordtail remains an ideal fish to start with since they are hardy and can survive under wide range of condition. However, there are a number of reasons that can force your swordtail fish to exhibit aggressive behavior.

How big does a swordtail fish get when it gives birth?

When a swordtail gives birth, you will find many swordtail fry (between 5-80) swimming around the aquarium tank. However, the mothers do not care for the fry – it is their duty to find the best hiding spots. Naturally, fry have to protect themselves, because the adult swordtails will eat them.

How many swordtail fish are there in the world?

I currently have 2 female and 1 male swordtail that are actively breeding. A lot don’t make it, they get eaten as they’re born, but we have had some success in a 20 gallon tank. We’re breeding what looks to be marigold/velvet hi-fin females and the male is yellow and orange with a long, beautiful red tail.

What’s the best temperature to breed swordtail fish?

The best temperature for breeding is 78oF. Other parameters like kH, pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates should be checked and kept within safe levels. Doing so would lessen stress and encourage spawning. Swordtails can produce 50 – 100 fry every time and may give birth again four to 6 weeks after the first birth. It may take longer.

When does a swordtail fry become a juvenile?

If you do a good feeding job and water is clean, in one month, the swordtail fry will become juveniles. As I have stated above, a one-month-old swordtail will be in the juvenile stage. The fish will have a length of 1.5-2 cm (0.6-0.8 inches), the colors will have started showing and the sexes will be identifiable.