How do I treat my turtles swollen eye?

How do I treat my turtles swollen eye?

Abscesses are treated surgically. The abscess is opened, the pus is drained, and the affected tissue is flushed with a medicated cleansing solution. A culture of the abscess may be needed to determine the type of bacteria that caused the abscess. Topical medication and injectable antibiotics may also be required.

How can you prevent vitamin A deficiency in turtles?

The best ways to avoid and under- and oversupplementation of vitamin A are to provide oral supplementation such as gut-loading insects (feeding insects nutritious diets prior to feeding the reptile), dietary supplementation, and/or vitamin A-rich vegetables.

What should I do if my red eared slider has an eye infection?

If the condition is advanced, however, or if the turtle has other health problems, Vitamin A injections will be necessary.   Please post below if you need help in locating a vet experienced in turtle medicine. Commercial turtle eye washes can be used to flush and moisten eye tissue, but are not effective in supplying Vitamin A. Eye Infections

Why does my red eared slider turtle have swollen eyes?

Swollen or inflamed eyes may also be associated with traumatic injuries (bite wounds, poking eye on wood), debris under the lid and ear infections (particularly common in American Box Turtles, Terrapene spp.). Further Reading Rating Turtle Filters Water Quality in Turtle Aquariums

What should I do for my red eared slider turtle?

Good health and a strong immune system will go a long way in helping your turtle fight off harmful micro-organisms.   In addition to clean water, always provide heat, UVB exposure and nutrition that are appropriate to the species you keep.

What kind of diet does a red eared slider have?

Red Eared Sliders, Painted and Map Turtles, Cooters and many others begin life as carnivores but gradually shift to a plant-based diet as they mature.

How do you care for a red eared slider?

Caring for your red-eared slider requires more than just an aquarium, some water, and some mealworms. It’s important to take into account the unique diet, tank specifications, lighting requirements, and health issues associated with this breed.

Why is my red eared slider not eating?

The water temperature must be maintained between 75-85 degreed F. Remember that if the water is too cool, the red-eared slider will not eat food. If the water is too warm, the turtle might get cooked. But if your slider is sick, it should be kept in a slightly warmer temperature.

Do red eared sliders carry diseases?

Improper environmental conditions and diet are among the most common culprits when it comes to health problems in red eared sliders. Diseases such as metabolic bone disease (MBD) and vitamin A deficiency are seen in many kinds of reptiles including red eared sliders.

What should I Feed my red eared slider?

Remember that adult red eared sliders are quite herbivorous so if your turtle seems overly hungry, try feeding more leafy greens and plant material rather than aquatic turtle pellets or prey food items. The amount of food you feed depends a bit on your individual turtle.

How do you fix a turtle?

Dose: Add 1ml per 2 US gallons or add 5 ml (1tsp) per 10 US gallons of water. Dose daily for 7 days, perform a 25% water change. Treatment can be continued if necessary. A slight foaming may occur during treatment.