How do you build an outdoor box turtle enclosure?

How do you build an outdoor box turtle enclosure?

If you can’t build an outdoor pen you should still strive to give your turtle time outdoors. A large plastic tub or even a kid’s wading pool can make a good outdoor playpen. Use cypress bark and soil in the bottom and add some hides and a shallow pan of water. Use potted plants for shade (and snacking).

Can box turtle live outside?

Ideally, box turtles should be kept outdoors in a backyard or in a purpose-built enclosure. Fencing around the yard or enclosure must be secure enough to protect the turtle from dogs and other potential predators. Box turtles can dig under or climb over fences.

What is the best enclosure for a box turtle?

Philippe de Vosjoli suggests, in The Box Turtle Manual, that indoor enclosures be at least 36 inches by 12 inches for a single box turtle. Two turtles need a space at least 48 inches long. Tess Cook recommends a bit more space, at least twelve square feet for two turtles, in her book Box Turtles.

How do you keep an outdoor turtle?

Land Area: Turtles do like to get out for a stroll, so include some land around the pond in your fenced area. Hiding areas: Provide hiding spots and shaded areas both in the water and out of the water. Large-leafed plants (aquatic or on land) work well, as do clay plant pots placed on their sides.

Is there an outdoor home for box turtles?

Dr. Saint-Erne is is part of The Spruce Pets’ veterinary review board. Depending on where you live and the species of box turtle you are keeping, an outdoor pen might be a year-round home, a home for part of the year, or just a place for your turtle to enjoy warm afternoons.

What’s the best way to build an outdoor turtle enclosure?

A good rule of thumb is to see whether your turtle breed is native to similar climates. For instance, if you have a box turtle it’s a good idea to make sure that box turtles are native to your area before you plan an outdoor enclosure.

How tall does a box turtle cover need to be?

For box turtles, 18-24 inches should be high enough. Surprisingly, box turtles are good climbers. A cover can be made of a wooden frame with wire mesh. A cover will help keep climbing turtles in, and more importantly, predators out. Keep in mind that wandering pets and wildlife can pose a threat to your turtles.

What kind of light does a box turtle need?

You will want to place your turtle pen in a sunny location—preferably where there is some sun most of the day, especially morning and early afternoon sun. Don’t place it in a heavily shaded location. One of the benefits of your turtle being outdoors is that it can get ultraviolet light from the sun, which it requires for Vitamin D synthesis.

Can a box turtle live in an outdoor enclosure?

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide your box turtle with a great home if you live somewhere that can’t have an outdoor enclosure. Choosing a large enough enclosure, setting up proper heating elements, and providing the right accessories can give your box turtle a home they will love. Set up a large enough enclosure.

How big of an enclosure do you need for a baby turtle?

You need to build a large enough enclosure for an adult turtle when you have a baby turtle. You will need to build a larger enclosure if you intend to house multiple turtles there. A suitable size enclosure for three or four relatively small turtles, like box turtles, should be five feet by five feet in size. Choose a semi-shaded area.

What should I do if I have a turtle in my house?

If you choose to house your turtle outdoors, it should be contained within an escape-proof enclosure. Make sure a shaded area is provided, as well as a hiding area. Turtles can dig out of enclosures, so bury the fencing 6-12 inches or put bricks or rocks under the area.

What can you put in a box for a turtle?

Some people suggest using straw, hay, or alfalfa pellets, as box turtles like to burrow. If you are using reptile carpet, be sure to have enough to change the carpet daily, so that soiled carpet can be cleaned.