How do you calm a rat terrier down?

How do you calm a rat terrier down?

Using a firm tone of voice, but without yelling, tell your dog “quiet.” At first, they won’t recognize the word, but they may respond to your tone, especially if you have used it in other training exercises. It may take your Rat Terrier a few minutes to calm down. Wait patiently for them to stop barking.

How long will my rat terrier be in heat?

The whole heat period should be approximately 21 days but as stated can be longer or shorter depending on the dog.

What are the different colors of Rat Terriers?

Rat terriers are seen in several colors, including black with rust or tan, white, black and white and tan, lemon, red, blue, orange, and chocolate. Generally, they have white markings. Rat terriers are one of the most low-maintenance dog breeds to groom. They only require weekly brushing.

Can you breed a Rat Terrier with PLL?

PLL can be found in many terrier breeds and a genetic marker is now available for testing. There are three designations, clear, carrier and at risk. Clear will have no risk of the disease, however it can still have a lens luxate due to an eye injury. A clear can be bred with any dog regardless of their PLL status.

Where does the tail of a Rat Terrier come from?

The Rat Terries tail has been traditionally docked but with the decline of acceptance of tail docking in dog communities, the Rat Terriers tail can also be left long. The Rat Terrier comes from a large mix of dog breeds. While American born, two of the first dogs used to develop the Rat Terrier breed came from Great Britain.

How many litters does a Rat Terrier have?

We consider ourselves a small hobby breeder and may have one to three litters a year. Rat Terriers are an overall healthy breed. The main health concern is Primary Lens Luxation (PLL). PLL can be found in many terrier breeds and a genetic marker is now available for testing. There are three designations, clear, carrier and at risk.

When is a female rat terrier ready to breed?

As a general rule a female is ready to breed on the 9th thru the 14th day but this can vary from dog to dog. Keeping track of the days from the first sign of bleeding is important so as not to miss her fertile period. After about the 14th day her cycle starts to wane and may take up to a week to complete.

What kind of dog is a Rat Terrier?

The Rat Terrier is a moderately trainable dog breed. Although they are highly intelligent and eager to please their owners, they also have a stubborn streak and can be quite determined at times.

Are there any health problems with Rat Terriers?

Chronic itchy skin allergies are the most common health problems in Rat Terriers. But epilepsy and heart disease are becoming concerns, as well. Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers.

What should I do with my Rat Terrier?

Some Rat Terriers can get sufficient exercise for their needs through indoor playtime, but most will thrive with daily walks and a bit of tennis-ball-chasing and other play in a fenced enclosure. They tend to do well with other dogs their size or larger. Early socialization is a must, and puppy training classes are recommended.