How do you cure dropsy fish?

Dropsy is not easily cured. Treatment is geared toward correcting the underlying problem and providing supportive care to the sick fish….Treatment

  1. Move sick fish to a hospital tank.
  2. Add salt to the hospital tank, 1 tsp per gallon.
  3. Feed fresh, high-quality foods.
  4. Treat with antibiotics.

Why is my goldfish getting fat?

Overfeeding – Sometimes a fish may become fat or swollen as a result of his diet. Often, overfeeding or the wrong types of food can cause constipation and other digestive issues. You can try to feed your fish less or healthier types of food, which varies depending on the species of fish.

Why is my fish swollen?

Dropsy in fish is actually a cluster of symptoms caused by an infection from bacteria commonly present in all aquariums. Consequently, any fish may be exposed to the dropsy-causing bacteria, but healthy fish rarely fall prey to the disease.

Can you keep a fantail goldfish in a tank?

Whether you keep your fish in a pond or a tank, goldfish are highly social fish that thrive when kept in small groups of the own kind. Fantail goldfish are not found in nature.

What’s the best way to care for a fantail?

Fantails love company and should always be kept with others of their own kind, never alone. These peaceful fish are non-aggressive and spend much of their time socializing and foraging in the substrate for scraps of food or grazing on algae.

What should I look for in a fantail fish?

However, a top-quality Fantail should have well-balanced coloration on both sides of its body. Variegated colors should extend to the fish’s fins, and calicos should be predominantly blue with random patches of other colors. The Fantail’s scales can be metallic, nacreous (speckled), or matte.

How can I get my Fancy fantail to stop bloating?

Then feed him veggie tetra tank nibblers. Only put one in tank. If HE is alone put half PC one block in the tank. Feed only foods with high fiber for 1 week. If non of that helps ease the bloating then do a 15 minute Salt bath (aquarium salt…do not use table).

Are there any health problems for fantail goldfish?

Fantail goldfish are not immune to health problems. They can suffer from all of the same diseases as many other freshwater fish. Always keep an eye out for ich, bacterial infections, and fungal problems. Fantails are at high risk of suffering from swim bladder disease.

What kind of fin does a fantail goldfish have?

Fantail goldfish have a double anal fin too. However, the dorsal fin is singular. It’s tall and arched, stretching down to the base of the tail. The scales of the Fantail goldfish can be metallic or nacreous. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors.

Why is my fancy fantail tank so bloated?

Our tank is 120ltr, hes bin bloated for approx 2 yts although never this bad, ee always assumed it was overfeedin n eased off on food but since xmas hes bin gettin worse n now looks awful! Our other fish seems to get very upset wen hrs bad n just floatin upside down in the corner n tries to turn him over.

Do you need test kit for fantail goldfish?

In order to maintain these parameters and keep their tank consistent, you’ll need to get an aquarium test kit. This will allow you to check on the state of the water and prevent any unwanted shifts that could harm your Fantail goldfish. A natural and serene tank environment is best for Fantail goldfish.

Why is my fish so bloated?

Low levels of salt in the water aid in the osmotic balance of the fish by making the water salinity closer to the fish’s blood salinity. That helps the fish get rid of excess water accumulating in the body, causing the dropsy.

What is the main cause of dropsy in fish?

Dropsy is a condition in fish caused by the buildup of fluid inside the body cavity or tissues. As a symptom rather than a disease in its own right, it can indicate a number of underlying diseases, including bacterial infections, parasitic infections, or liver dysfunction.