How do you keep zebra finches from fighting?

Perches are another item that can inspire territorial fighting between zebra finches. Minimize the risk of them squabbling over a certain perch by placing several of them on different walls of the cage and on different levels. It’s best to have a couple more perches than you have finches.

What kind of finch is a zebra finch?

The Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) is a member of the Estrildid group of finches, sometimes referred to in the UK as the exotic finches to separate from the family that contains British finches such as the Greenfinch and Goldfinch, along with the Canary . It is closely related to the Owl Finch, or Double-barred Finch .

How can I keep two zebra finches together?

Check a compatibility guide or consult with your local avian vet to see if your finch species are known for their patterns of aggression. A single pair of zebra finches, for example, will get along well, but will fight with a second pair unless they have plenty of space or other pairs to act as a buffer.

What kind of social interaction does a zebra finch need?

Zebra finches require a lot of social interaction with other birds in order to stay healthy and happy. It is always good to keep at least two zebra finches together. Couples can be either the same sex or the opposite sex, although females probably get along better together than males.

What kind of food does a Zebra Finch eat?

Zebra finches are seed-eating birds and they like millet seeds and whatever germinated seeds are useful to them. They are herbivores (granivores) and feed primarily on grass, grains, and seeds. Zebra finches supplement their diet with insects (primarily termites and ants) to provide protein for proper egg formation and flower.

Do zebra finches make good pets?

Zebra Finches are Easy Care Pet Birds. Zebra finch birds are a popular, and widely available species of finch and make a great pet choice for families, school classrooms or apartments.

Why are my zebra finches eating their eggs?

They are kicking out and/or eating eggs at least partly because they are too young, they are worn out with too much parenting and they are probably lacking in their diet from having too many eggs, too close together and the added strain on their health of having to feed the chicks.

What is the life span of a zebra finch?

In the wild, the lifespan of the zebra finch is 2 to 3 years, whereas in captivity, they can live for up to 5 to 7 years of age.

How many babies do zebra finches have?

A finch can lay two to ten eggs at a time. The female finch will sit on the eggs to provide warmth. The eggs are generally ready to hatch in twelve to sixteen days. The mothers wean their babies for quite a few months before letting them eat independently. The Zebra and Society finches are the easiest species to breed.