How do you treat a budgie?

Budgies like to be clean so make sure to check for and clean out faeces or droppings in your cage weekly. You should also change the paper at the base of the cage daily and clean perches weekly. Put a bowl in their cage so that your budgie can bathe when they please.

How to treat an illness in a parakeet?

Put some clean paper towels on the cage bottom and change them several times a day. It is very important to maintain hygiene on the highest level when it comes to illness prevention and treatment. as that found in Kaytee Forti.

When to take a parakeet to the vet?

Note that when visiting a Vet, it is helpful to bring the bird in his actual cage. Birds will attempt to hide illness when in a strange environment as a protective measure. Bringing the parakeet cage will make the bird comfortable and provide the Vet an opportunity to check things such as hygiene and even diet.

What should I do if my parakeet does not come to my finger?

If it does not, try holding a piece of millet next to your finger so that the bird has to step on your finger to get to the treat. If it still does not come, then darken the room so that you can see the parakeet, then use a small, light towel or a glove to gently take the parakeet out.

How long does it take to treat chlamydiosis in parakeets?

Whichever treatment method you and your vet decide on, the antibiotic will likely need to be administered over the course of 45 days. Monitoring your parakeet’s intake of the medication can be more difficult when it is mixed into food.

What are the healthiest treats to give a parakeet?

Treats and Snacks for a Parakeet Millet spray – can be fattening, give no more than 2 inches per day Flavored Seed Sticks – sold in most pet stores Cuttlebone – (also, cuttlefish bone) a natural calcium block, helps to trim a bird’s beak Mineral block – a source of minerals that also helps to trim a bird’s beak

What are the best treats for parakeets?

Especially when he is feeling scared or lonely, treats serve as a quick and effective means of comfort. Some parakeet treats include Millet spray, honey sticks, popcorn and fresh fruit like apple and grape slices. Giving your parakeet a treat should not be a regular occurrence.

What kinds of foods can parakeets eat as treats?