How do you treat a hamster with a broken leg?

How do you treat a hamster with a broken leg?

Your veterinarian may try to reduce the fracture and then apply bandage to restrict movement and promote healing. If an open wound is present, it will be suitably dressed and topical antiseptics or antibiotics applied. Painkillers may be administered to help temporarily reduce your hamster’s suffering.

When to take a hamster with a broken leg to the vet?

Each hamster will be a little different, but you’ll find that the most common signs that your hamster has broken a bone are going to include at least one, if not more of the following: If you think that your hamster may have a broken leg, you want to carefully examine him and then immediately take him to the vet.

Can a vet prescribe medicine for a hamster?

Note: This site is not optimised for mobile and is best experienced in desktop view. It may be surprising to hear but occasionally vets will prescribe medication for hamsters that will cause them a lot of harm, this is usually due to the vet being under qualified or not trained in hamster treatments.

What can you give a hamster for pain?

most vets won’t always prescribe pain relief for hamsters or small animals; you. have to ask. the vet can prescribe carprofen or metacam for the pain, but it has. to be diluted down to hamster strength since these are formulated for dogs.

What to do if a hamster has a broken rib?

Transport your hamster to the vet in a covered cardboard box if you need to. If a hamster is injured and in pain, it may stop eating; if this happens, you’re going to have to visit the vet to get it treated and get pain medication. This often happens if it has a broken rib.

What should I do if my hamster broke his leg?

If he or she tries to put a splint or wrap on the limb, your hamster will likely chew it off. Your veterinarian will recommend that you let the broken bone heal on its own. The leg may be a little crooked as a result, but your hamster will be fine. To lessen the pain, your veterinarian may prescribe pain medication.

Can you give a hamster pain relief at home?

It should only be done under trained medical supervision. Do not give pain relief at home since the small size of the hamster makes it inevitable you will overdose the hamster. Too much pain relief is harmful and could cause gastric ulcers or death.

What kind of antibiotic can you give a hamster?

The only oral (by mouth) antibiotic licensed for small mammals like hamsters is Baytril. Additionally, how you give the antibiotic matters. When given by injection, tetracyclines, sulphonamide/trimethoprim, or gentimycin are good alternatives, while cephalosporins can be given by injection but carry a higher risk.

What happens if you put a bandage on a hamster’s leg?

It’s more likely that a bandage would rub and cause skin sores, or distress your hamster. Your hamster would most likely chew off the bandage, possibly swallowing some of it. The pressure of a bandage on the fracture could also cause more pain.