How do you treat a tortoise with a cold?

How do you treat a tortoise with a cold?

Sometimes, just increasing the temperature in the enclosure will make your turtle feel better until it can be seen by a vet. 2 Increasing the humidity is also helpful in loosening up any debris in your turtle’s respiratory tract, just like a humidifier or vaporizer helps you when you have a cold.

Why is my tortoise mouth bubbling?

Tortoises foam at the mouth when they are struggling to breathe, and air is pushed through their saliva to form bubbles which looks like foam when it is expelled. In the majority of cases, this will be a respiratory infection as tortoises are quite prone to these.

Why does a tortoise have bubbles in its nose?

Some tortoises may have bubbles blow out their nose and some may make whistling sounds, clicks, or even gurgles. A badly affected tortoise may have its mouth slightly open because mucus secretions have blocked both of its nostrils. Over time, an ill tortoise may become lethargic and stop eating.

Why is my red footed tortoise making a wheezing sound?

Respiratory illnessses are generally caused by bacteria, lower temperatures, and stress (causing lowered immune system). You will notice a wheezing sound and sometimes a mucous discharge from the nose and/or mouth. If you wait till the tortoise is breathing out of its mouth, you’re not in for good results.

What causes red footed tortoise to have swollen eyes?

Red-Footed tortoises can succumb swollen eyes which can be caused by vitamin A deficiency, improper diet, or a bacterial infection. A vet will prescribe a topical antibiotic or an antibiotic injection. Red-Footed tortoises can experience ear infections occasionally. It’s thought to be caused by improper husbandry.

What does it mean when tortoise has runny nose?

Mycoplasma & Runny Noses. Upper Respiratory Tract Disease, often abbreviated as URTD or URP, is a common condition in Sonoran desert tortoises. “Upper respiratory tract disease” refers to an infection of the nose, nasal sinuses, and trachea (wind pipe) It typically starts as a clear nasal discharge that may persist for weeks.